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fash·ion - (fash'-un) - noun - a form of self-expression through a style, trend, look, or mode of dress and presentation
We love all different kinds of fashion and expressing who we are through fashion. We're addicted to cute clothes, trendy looks, inspired outfits, and even just casual clothing. We have favorite brands, styles, and websites we're obsessed with, and when we find something we adore, we want to go on and on about it haha, so we post our fashion crushes here.
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Our Crush On Alloy’s Classic Fall Style

what’s the crush?

Alloy’s Classic Fall Style

the style…

cozy but sexy sweaters, sleek jeans, chic boots, and trendy bags.

why we’re crushing…

pretty soon the leaves will start turnin’, the sunsets will come sooner, the air will chill down, and it will be time to wrap ourselves up in fall fashion. Alloy is always one of our favorite places to shop in the fall because their style is classic and sexy, so we can stay warm, but still stay fashionable and feel feminine.

we each picked out a sweater, jeans, boots, and a bag from Alloy and put together a fall fashion look in our style.

Shop at Alloy »Shop at Alloy

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