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beau·ty - ('byü-tē) - noun - the quality or qualities that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit; loveliness, fairness, adorableness, sparkle, allure
Everything from what you put into your body, to how you feel about yourself, what you eat, what you think, what you get out and try...all the beautiful things you do and feel on the inside, are what creates the beautiful person you are on the outside.
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Pumpkin Pretty »

Health Benefits Of Pumpkins
what’s the beauty secret?

The healthy, pretty, and beautiful benefits of pumpkins!

why we’re buzzing…

of course pumpkins always make us think of the fall, halloween, thanksgiving… we get to eat yummy pumpkin stuff like pumpkin pie, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin bread… but, pumpkins can also make ya a little healthier & prettier, so we put together a lil’ luv for pumpkins. 🙂

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A Smile Is The Best Makeup Any Girl Can Wear »

How To Get White Teeth Naturally
what’s the beauty secret?

Our secrets for white teeth, sweet breath, and a beautiful smile from within.

the quote…

“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” – Unknown

the natural pretty smile secrets…

a pretty smile is def one of the most beautiful things about a girl, and we think the prettiest smiles come from bein’ healthy and happy. so forget the chemicals, the white strips, and bein’ dependant on gum… we’ve got some natural ways to help you get kissable and sparkly!

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Super Soft Touchable Skin »

How To Get Soft Skin
what’s the beauty secret?

Our secrets for super soft touchable skin.

the poetry…

“I held her close, I felt her heart pound though her skin, Her skin was as soft as silk, Her eyes reminded me of something more beautiful to see… I loved her so, I gave her everything I had and even more.” – Escoffier

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The Healthy, Pretty, And Beautiful Benefits Of Stretching »

The Health Benefits Of Stretching
what’s the beauty secret?

The healthy, pretty, & beautiful benefits of stretching.

why we’re buzzing…

it’s easy, you can do it everyday, it’s free… and it feels good.

who needs to stretch?

if you are a dancer, an athlete, or really into any kind of physical activity, stretching can be suuuuper important for a ton of reasons. but even if you’re not any of those, stretching is just healthy in general, and it’s such a simple thing too!

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Just Breathe: Deep Breathing Health & Beauty Benefits »

The Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing
what’s the beauty secret?

The healthy, pretty, & beautiful benefits of deep breathing.

why we’re buzzing…

deep breathing is something that we feel like brings inner beauty out from within us. plus, it’s easy, you can do it at anytime and in any place, aaaand it’s free!

the deep breathing details…

we like to just ground ourselves first so we kind of create calm and peace. then take in air through our nose, and breathe through to our lungs and into our abdomen. we like to breathe in softly and just let the air and energy flow in. once we fill all the way up with air, we hold it for 5 seconds, then we gently let all of the air out. while we’re breathing out, we like to picture ourselves letting go of stress, fear, negativity… we just let everything go.

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The Easiest Beauty Secret Ever: Water »

The Health Benefits Of Water
what’s the beauty secret?

water. seriously? just water? yup.

the baby steps of health…

water is pretty much the cheapest and easiest beauty secret ever. it keeps you healthy, and healthy = beautiful. we know that sometimes being healthy or getting your body to look how you want it to can seem like a lot of work. eat this – don’t eat that – work out this much – take these vitamins – blah blah, omg. It can be super overwhelming at times, so we say… just take it in baby steps! like start with just drinking enough water each day.

how much is enough water?

the generic answer is the “8 x 8” answer, or 8 – 8 ounce glasses per day. but we found this cool hydration calculator if you want to get more specific to your own body and lifestyle – hydration calculator »

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