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beau·ty - ('byü-tē) - noun - the quality or qualities that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit; loveliness, fairness, adorableness, sparkle, allure
We believe that beauty comes from the inside, and that a girl's inner spirit determines her true beauty, and we feel like physical health creates physical beauty ...but we also think every girl should get to feel pretty on the outside too with fun beauty products. Overall, we think it's all totally connected go ahead, feel cute, be confident, be beautiful ...inside, outside, and head to toe.

A Smile Is The Best Makeup Any Girl Can Wear »

How To Get White Teeth Naturally
what’s the beauty secret?

Our secrets for white teeth, sweet breath, and a beautiful smile from within.

the quote…

“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” – Unknown

the natural pretty smile secrets…

a pretty smile is def one of the most beautiful things about a girl, and we think the prettiest smiles come from bein’ healthy and happy. so forget the chemicals, the white strips, and bein’ dependant on gum… we’ve got some natural ways to help you get kissable and sparkly!

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Sweet Smelling Hair »

Sweet Couple Kissing
what’s the buzz?

Our secrets on how to get sweet smelling hair.

the poetry…

“The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him, or into the air all round him. She had become a physical necessity.” – George Orwell

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Super Soft Touchable Skin »

How To Get Soft Skin
what’s the beauty secret?

Our secrets for super soft touchable skin.

the poetry…

“I held her close, I felt her heart pound though her skin, Her skin was as soft as silk, Her eyes reminded me of something more beautiful to see… I loved her so, I gave her everything I had and even more.” – Escoffier

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Beauty Inspired By Summertime »

2013 Summer Beauty Trends
what’s the inspiration?


the poem…

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

the summer goodies…

wrap yourself up in summertime sweetness with beauty products inspired by some of our favrit’ things about summer… berries, the ocean, and sunshine!

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The Sweetness Of You »

Sweet Couple Kissing
what’s the buzz?

Choosing Your Sweet Scents

the poetry…

“My want to be near her hits me like a wave every time I lay for bed, a chain reaction that starts with a scent, her scent, one which I will never forget.” – Shane Berry

your sweetness…

every girl’s skin has a scent that’s unique only to her. it’s a bunch of stuff about chemistry and pheromones and other science-y talky talk, and we think it’s something in a girl’s energy that creates her scent, too. but all of that is why a perfume can smell one way on you, and totally different on your bff.

your scent is a special part of who you are, so we like to embrace our natural scent, and sweet it up in perfumes and body sprays that add to our girly-ness.

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Kissable & Sweet »

Cute Couple Kissing
what’s the buzz?

Be kissable with yummy flavored lip glosses ♥

the lyrics…

“I wanna know you inside out, I’ll spend my life trying to figure out, Just close your eyes and shut your mouth, And let me kiss, you inside out, I don’t care if you steal all my air, we can breath in together as one.”
– Hedley / Kiss You Inside Out

the kissable lips…

cameron is the only one of us with a boyfriend, so she’s the only one of us doin’ any kissin’. jenna and ash are both single right now and we def don’t kiss any randoms, and krissie just doesn’t kiss no boys at all (she’s shy and her kisses are extra extra special, haha).

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The Healthy, Pretty, And Beautiful Benefits Of Stretching »

The Health Benefits Of Stretching
what’s the beauty secret?

The healthy, pretty, & beautiful benefits of stretching.

why we’re buzzing…

it’s easy, you can do it everyday, it’s free… and it feels good.

who needs to stretch?

if you are a dancer, an athlete, or really into any kind of physical activity, stretching can be suuuuper important for a ton of reasons. but even if you’re not any of those, stretching is just healthy in general, and it’s such a simple thing too!

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