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Pretty Thoughts

in·spired - (in-spahy'uhrd) - adjective - filled with the spirit to do something, or be something brilliant and creative, as if by divine influence
We believe that every moment of our lives is a moment we can choose to be positive, and we believe that it all starts with our thinking. We make a choice to choose happy thoughts, pretty thoughts, and we love to share inspiring thoughts, and inspiring quotes we find... maybe something that has inspired us can inspire you too.
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Pretty Thoughts: Bein’ You

Teen Inspiration Blog

the pretty thoughts…

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you is the hardest thing of all.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

bein’ you…

who you are can feel like this twisty, turny, change-y, different on any given sunday, never ever ending kinda thing. but every girl should always know she has choices about who she is in the mix of all those twists and turns and any given sundays. but sometimes findin’ yourself, bein’ yourself, and honoring yourself can be a big ol’ mess of hard to figure out. so how do we try to do it? well there are 3 special things we try to keep our hearts set on so that the girl we are is who we want to be.

who you are…

lotsa people spend their lives letting things outside of themselves decide who they are. we can end up tryin’ to fit into other people’s ideas of who we should be, or we let other people’s choices and how they treat us make us shy away from our own energy, or we let experiences and circumstances decide how we feel about ourselves. but you are the only the boss of you. it doesn’t always feel like it because life can try to mess our sense of self about ten ways to tuesday, but it’s through the things that try to mess us about that you can learn that who you are, who you want to be, the energy you carry and give… it’s your choice no matter what is happening outside of you. you are worthy, and special, and beautiful, so let nothing ever make you feel unworthy, or ordinary, or anything but beautiful. this is your unique and special story, and only you get to decide who the heroine in that story is.

who you carry in your heart…

there are plenty of people in this world you will be around just because, like at school, work, the grocery store… but who you know in life, like who is in your heart, and who is truly part of you and your journey, is your choice. people you meet have their own choices… they can always choose to appreciate you, to cherish you, to be beautiful to you… so if they choose to hurt or hold you back, you have a choice to let them go. live your life along side people who lift you up, who make you smile, and who honor you… and carry them safe inside your heart.

what you believe in…

if there is anything in the world we hold onto with all our might, it’s the things we believe in and the things we have faith in. what other people believe in is just that – what they believe in. each and every one of us has our very own truths, our own possibilities, and our own dreams in our little heads. we feel like as long as we respect and honor everybody else’s right to their own truths, we can choose anything and everything we believe in. so what you believe is possible, the ideas you embrace, the dreams you dream, the things you have faith in… live all of it, honor all of it, and let nothing take it from you.


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