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beau·ty - ('byü-tē) - noun - the quality or qualities that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit; loveliness, fairness, adorableness, sparkle, allure
Everything from what you put into your body, to how you feel about yourself, what you eat, what you think, what you get out and try...all the beautiful things you do and feel on the inside, are what creates the beautiful person you are on the outside.
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The Healthy, Pretty, And Beautiful Benefits Of Stretching

The Health Benefits Of Stretching
what’s the beauty secret?

The healthy, pretty, & beautiful benefits of stretching.

why we’re buzzing…

it’s easy, you can do it everyday, it’s free… and it feels good.

who needs to stretch?

if you are a dancer, an athlete, or really into any kind of physical activity, stretching can be suuuuper important for a ton of reasons. but even if you’re not any of those, stretching is just healthy in general, and it’s such a simple thing too!

the healthy, the pretty, and the beautiful…
The Health Benefits Of Stretching
the healthy

we stretch to keep ourselves healthy, to get a little healthier, and just make ourselves feel a little better too.

stretching can…

  • help prevent injuries.
  • reduce soreness and muscle tension
  • lower cholesterol levels in the body
  • improve range of motion of your joints
the pretty

not only do we love that stretching keeps us healthy, but it has some pretty benefits on the side.

stretching can also…

  • increase flexibility of your muscles and body structure and give you a leaner body
  • increase circulation and bring more oxygen to tissues, and that can lead to healthier skin
the beautiful

we love to do it first thing in the morning because it kind of balances us and gets us right for the day, and before bed because it calms us down.

the stretching balance…

  • stretching relaxes you and reduces stress
  • stretching is a way to take a little time to cherish your body and center yourself
  • stretching, breathing, and shutting out your thoughts a little aligns your body, mind, and spirit
get motivated to stretch
Learn To Stretch DVD

you don’t really need to “learn” much to start stretching, but maybe you just need a little motivation :).

Full Body Stretch DVD »Learn To Stretch DVD

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