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Bite Her Style

style - (stîle) - noun - the look, vibe, combination of elements, or presentation of one's fashion sense
You know when you're wandering around online and you see a pic of an amazing outfit, but you find on Pinterest, Polyvore, Tumblr, or some site where there is no explanation of where the clothes are from - but you'd do anything to have the look?!?! Well, we totally get that because it happens to us all the time!!! We've decided to start a section where we post some of those crazy cute outfits, and we do our best to find places where you can bite the style, and get the look.

Bite Her Style: Black Bodycon Dress

Black Bodycon Dress
what’s the look?

Super Cute Black Bodycon Dress

the fashionista…

Cecilie Stenfeldt

the style crush…

we have a major crush on Cecilie’s fashion blog. she’s from Denmark, so we have to google translate everything lol, but cute outfits are understood in any language, and her style is cute, cute, and more cute! jenna and krissie are in.fashion.love with an outfit she posted this summer, so we decided to do a lil’ bite on her style.

Bite Her Style…

not only is this look super chic and sexy, it could also go from day to night right quick with a simple change out of shoes and accessories.

Daytime Chic
Nighttime Sexy
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