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Boy Crush

boyz - (bois) - plural noun - boys, gentlemen, guys, men or young men... garçons, ragazzi, jongens, baieti, meninos, jungen, buachaillí
We have crushes on all kinds of boys, and not just cause they're cute ...but we adore boys who are smart, funny, intelligent, witty, brave, talented, creative, charming, adventurous, motivated, and inspirational too! So actors, athlete, musicians - it doesn't matter. If they make us laugh, inspire us, or just win us over with their charm, we gush about our boy crushes here.
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Our Crush On Boys With Great Hair

who’s the crush?

Boys With Great Hair

the lyrics…

“She runs her fingers through my hair and saves me.” – Jason Aldean

why we’re crushing…

all 4 of us girls have totally different taste in boys, but the one thing we all definitely crush on is boys with great hair. there is just something about running your fingers through a boy’s hair, playing with a boy’s hair, even pulling a boy’s hair haha,… it’s all just super sexy. even our shy and innocent little krissie thinks so :).

the boys…

we picked out 10 celebs who have the kind of hair we could def run our little fingers through. what about y’all… do you love great hair on a boy?

Drew Van Acker
Shiloh Fernandez
Caleb Followill
Jared Followill
Taylor Kitsch
Garrett Hedlund
Jonathan Clay
Taylor Blackburn
Wesley Schultz
Brenton Thwaites
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