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boyz - (bois) - plural noun - boys, gentlemen, guys, men or young men... garçons, ragazzi, jongens, baieti, meninos, jungen, buachaillí Pretty Princess isn't just about girls, we talk about boys and boy stuff too! Everything from boy crushes on boys we think are cute or just boys we think are awesome shopping ideas and gift ideas for boys, to talking about boys and relationships, and even our own little tomboy sides :D.
Baseball Rampage

Football Fever And NFL Cuteness »

what’s the buzz?

Super Cute Girls NFL Football Fashion

why we’re buzzing…

are y’all gettin’ ready for some football??? these 4 football lovin’ girls sure are! pre season is revvin’ up, the regular season kicks off on september 5th, and we’re ca-razy hyped up to watch ash and cam’s mighty titans, and krissie and jenna’s raaiiiiiidaaaaas :). if there is anything southern girls love it’s football and fashion – and the 2 together especially, so it’s about that time for our football fan gear post.

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