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Playtime Buzz

play·time - (plā'tīm') - noun - vacation, holiday, recess, freedom: a time for play or recreation
To us, life is about adventure, and exploring, and getting out and having fun. We love to challenge ourselves, and to step outside of our comfort zones to try new things. Whether it's a sport, a hobby, an adventure, or just an experience, we believe life is about actively living. We figure if we buzz about the tings we're excited about here, maybe we'll inspire someone else to go out and try something new too!
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So Ya Wanna Be A Cheerleader? – Cheer Tryouts Prep

How To Try Out For Cheerleading
what’s the buzz?

Our ULTIMATE “Cheer Tryouts Prep Guide” to inspire y’all if ya wanna try out for cheer.

we say…

go for it. all 4 of us are cheerleaders, jenna and ash are bases, and krissie and cam are flyers. jenna was our head cheerleader, and now she coaches lil’ pee wee cheer girls. it’s been such a fun part of our lives, and we think any girl that wants to do it should totally give it a try.

the cheer lowdown…

your cheer tryouts may not be for another month or two, but you’ll def want to start getting ready now. we put together some tips for girls thinking about trying out, and some other fun cheer stuff too :).

why try out for cheerleading?
Cheerleading Tryouts Tips

1. it can change your entire school experience
for us it was a chance to be part of something fun and exciting, to be more involved in school, and we made friends we’ll have for life. also, for shy girlys like krissie, it helps ya build confidence and get your shine on.

2. the fit factor
make no mistake, cheerleading is a sport. we’ve had the broken bones and sprained ankles to prove it haha. but for us, cheerleading has been part of a lifestyle where we take care of our bodies, stay active, and love being healthy and in shape. we all do cheer boot camp workouts on the regular to stay fit.

3. the competitions
competitions are something you work hard for, and get to be passionate about. we all love dance and performing, and competitions are such a fun way to get to show off that passion and creativity. also, you bond like crazy with the other girls.

4. the fun factor
football games, pep rallies, fundraisers, cheer camp… there is so much fun involved in being part of cheer. and we can’t lie… wearing the cute uniform is seriously fun too.

cheer tryout tips…

cheerleading is easily the hardest sport any of us have ever done. it’s so much more than pom poms and spirit wars, and you can get hurt. if you really truly want to be part of a squad, then prepare for it like you would any other sport – get in shape, train, and perfect yo’ skillz.

1. take classes
Cheer Tryouts Tips

this is the best tip we can give – take classes to get the skills you need as a cheerleader. take dance classes, tumbling and gymnastics, stretch classes, and even yoga because it develops flexibility and a strong core. if you can’t afford classes, get DVD’s for dance technique, stretch, and yoga. tumbling is a serious skill, and you should train at a gym. it’s not required for all cheer squads, but it’s such a huge plus for cheer if you can get into it.

2. practice
Cheer Tryouts Tips

learn routines, learn cheers, watch YouTube videos, get together with your friends and practice. stretch everyday, practice the choreography, practice yelling, practice everything. the more comfortable you are with your skills, and doing them in front of people, the more natural tryouts, and actual cheerleading performances will come to you.

3. get to know some of the girls on the squad
Cheer Tryouts Tips

we don’t mean “buy into the popularity of it all”, we just mean find nice girls on the squad and introduce yourself. let them know you’re genuinely interested, and ask them for any advice they have. getting to know the girls on the squad can make trying out seem less intimidating. taking that kind of initiative can also show the girls you really do want to be on the squad and part of their team.

4. decide you can be a cheerleader
Cheer Tryouts Tips

cheerleading tends to have this mystique around it, like some “club” you have to get into. if you truly want to be a cheerleader, then don’t be intimidated by that. instead, learn your skills, be confident in yourself, and decide you are just as much of a cheerleader as any other girl trying out. that confidence is what will make you shine at tryouts.

learn some cheers…
Learn Cheerleading Cheers

check out the message boards at a bunch of cheer girls leave cheers from their squads. you can go and learn some basic cheers, get down some cheer rhythms, and get over your fear of feeling dorky haha :D.

cheer gear…

if you’re gonna be practicing for cheer tryouts, you’ll need some cheer gear to work out in. basic, comfy, and cute are key!

mini cheerleaders…

we all started cheer young and fell in love with it. jenna works as a cheer coach for little girls, and all of us have either helped out or volunteered with pee wee cheer too, and we seriously can’t get over how cute it is! here’s some mini cheer cuties just cause they’re adorable :).

Little Cheerleaders
Little Cheerleaders
Little Cheerleaders
Little Cheerleaders
Little Cheerleaders


photo credits:

Cheerleader 1, Cheerleader 2, Little Brunette Cheerleader, Little Cheerleaders On Stage, Little Blonde Cheerleader, 3 Little Cheerleaders

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