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Pretty Thoughts

in·spired - (in-spahy'uhrd) - adjective - filled with the spirit to do something, or be something brilliant and creative, as if by divine influence
We believe that every moment of our lives is a moment we can choose to be positive, and we believe that it all starts with our thinking. We make a choice to choose happy thoughts, pretty thoughts, and we love to share inspiring thoughts, and inspiring quotes we find... maybe something that has inspired us can inspire you too.
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Pretty Thoughts: Choosing The Light

Choosing The Light

the pretty thoughts…

“Light, when suddenly let in, dazzles and hurts and almost blinds us: but this soon passes away, and it seems to become the only element we can exist in.” – Augustus and Julius Hare

choosing the light is something all of us girls are learnin’ to do little by little every single day, so writing this post is a reminder to ourselves about it, as much as it is to inspire y’all :). when we say “the light” we mean beautiful and good things… like kindness, honesty, joy, compassion, dreams, hope, laughter, truth, self-worth, integrity, honor, positivity, and love. and once you start to feel those things in life, they are the only kinds of things you ever want to feel. the things of the dark become more and more unbearable to allow from yourself, or in your space from others, and light becomes the only thing you want to give, to be given, and want to be.

love is always in the light…

“If people reach a hand down to pull you out of the dark, be sure if you take their hand, you go with them into the light, and not you drag them into the dark.” – butterflies rising

if you hurt people, and they stay and let you hurt them, it doesn’t mean they love you, it means they don’t love themselves. and staying with you in the dark is not giving you love, it’s agreeing that the dark is who you are… that you can’t be more, or choose better… that they don’t believe in the light in you. and part of them wants you to stay in the dark because they don’t know their own light. people who want to give love, be given love, and be love, will walk away from any darkness and always go towards the light because that’s where love lives.

choosing the light…

choosing the light begins inside of you. in your heart, then your thoughts, and then your actions, and it becomes who you are and what your life is. look in your heart and see what’s there, whatever is there is your truth, so hold only light in your heart. if you have thoughts that are not beautiful and don’t lift you up, just breathe, let those thoughts pass, and let beautiful ones come in. if your actions are not kind or good or true… know that actions are choices, and our choices shape our lives. so by yourself choose the light, with someone else choose the light, in any moment of your life, always choose the light, and eventually it will be all your life is made up of.



girl in the light

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