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Boys Who...

boys - (bois) - plural noun - boys, gentlemen, guys, men or young men... garçons, ragazzi, jongens, baieti, meninos, jungen, buachaillí
The way they smile, talk, think, act, treat us... and light our worlds up. This is where we crush on the beautiful things about boys.
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Boys Who… “Creative Vocabulary”

boys who…

“Have A Creative Vocabulary”

the lyrics…

“Someone like you and all you know and how you speak …” – Kings Of Leon

this is krissie’s thing…

this entire “Boys Who” is about a thing krissie adores about boys. we all think it’s so cute, so we’re putting her little crush factor on blast haha :). basically, one of the things that krissie crushes on most in a boy is a “creative vocabulary”. she always says… “cute may come and go, but clever is forever”. she’s also always been drawn to lyrics and poetry, songwriters, and boys who are just really passionate and creative, and have beautiful things to say.

so what exactly is a creative vocabulary?? we’ll let krissie explain…

*** Krissie – A Creative Vocabulary ***
“it’s embarrassing to talk about cause i don’t totally know how to explain it :\. it’s just something a boy will naturally do, or something that’s just part of like his energy i guess? it’s in the way only he says or uses words, like a boy will use words and phrases no one else uses, or he’ll use them in a creative way that’s not the normal way other people use them. or when he uses slang, he’ll use it different than everyone else. or he’ll use a word he never usually says only once because it’s perfect in that moment. or he’s super passionate about the things he speaks about and how he speaks about them. and with me, the sweet stuff melts me… like if he uses sweet words or nicknames… lol i dunno :\… it’s not something a boy has to try to do, it’s just him being himself.

i think it’s just cause words and how someone speaks gives you pieces of who they are in their head and their heart, and when a boy has a creative vocabulary, it’s like this mix of witty and clever and charming, but intelligent and confident, passionate and inspired, and then sensitive and sweet… i guess i just crush on that kinda stuff :).”

what about you girls?

can any of y’all relate to krissie’s vocab crush? does the way a boy speaks and the words he uses “get to you”?

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