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tom·boy - (tom-boi) - noun - an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits, such as in games, sports, or way of dress, are considered more typical of boys than of girls
We're girlie girls, but we also love sports, we're adventurous, we goof off and cause trouble like boys, and we have fun with tomboy fashion and style. Each of us have our own little tomboy side and we love to share some of our tomboy vibe and style here...
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School Spirit And College Football Fever

what’s the buzz?

Super Cute College Football Fan Gear

why we’re buzzing…

the 2013 college football season kicks off today, and we’ve got friendship football fever cause this is the one sport where all 4 of us girls are fans of the same team haha. goooooo University of Tennessee! we all bleed orange for the UT Volunteers. we love gettin’ a crew together and heading up to Knoxville for a big game. there’s nothin’ else like being at a college football game… the stadium is full of energy, everyone is decked out in the school colors and singing the school fight song, the crowd gets into every play, and the stadium rumbles with every team kick.

the college football cuteness…

think cute tees, cozy sweatshirts, school spirited shorts, socks, and dresses, and your school mascots and logos on everything from necklaces, to drink cups, to purses, key chains, and bracelets. we put together outfits for 8 schools, but don’t worry if your school isn’t here, you can get super cute fan gear for all of the NCAA schools at our fav fan gear store »

University Of Tennessee Fan Gear – Go Volunteers!

“Here’s to old Tennessee, never we’ll sever, we pledge our loyalty, forever and ever, backing our football team, faltering never, cheer and fight with all of your might, for Tennessee.”

Women's University Of Tennessee Fan Gear

you can find University of Tennessee cuteness in the Tennessee Volunteers Gear Section »

USC Fan Gear – Go Trojans!

“Fight on for ol’ SC, our men fight on to victory, our alma mater dear, looks up to you, fight on and win for ol’ SC, fight on to victory. Fight on!”

Women's USC Trojans Fan Gear

you can find University of Southern California cuteness in the USC Trojans Gear Section »

University Of Oregon Fan Gear – Go Ducks!

“Chant her glory, Oregon! Roar the praises of her warriors, sing the story, Oregon, on to vict’ry urge the heroes, of our mighty Oregon!”

Women's University Of Oregon Fan Gear

you can find University of Oregon cuteness in the Oregon Ducks Gear Section »

LSU Fan Gear – Go Tigers!

“Like knights of old, let’s fight to hold, the glory of the purple gold, let’s carry through, let’s die or do, to win the game for dear old LSU.”

Women's LSU Fan Gear

you can find Louisiana State University cuteness in the LSU Tigers Gear Section »

University Of Alabama – Roll Tide!

“Roll on to victory, hit your stride, you’re Dixie’s football pride, Crimson Tide, roll tide, roll tide!”

Women's University of Alabama Fan Gear

you can find University of Alabama cuteness in the Crimson Tide Gear Section »

UCLA – Go Bruins!

“We are the Mighty Bruins, the best team in the West, we’re marching on to victory to conquer all the rest!”

Women's UCLA Fan Gear

you can find University of California, Los Angeles cuteness in the UCLA Bruins Gear Section »

Notre Dame – Fighting Irish!

“We will fight in every game, strong of heart and true to her name, we will ne’er forget her, and will cheer her ever, loyal to Notre Dame.”

Women's Notre Dame Fan Gear

you can find Notre Dame cuteness in the Fighting Irish Gear Section »

University Of Oklahoma – Boomer Sooner!

“Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, OK U! Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, OK U!”

Women's Oklahoma Sooners Fan Gear

you can find University of Oklahoma cuteness in the Oklahoma Sooners Gear Section »


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