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beau·ty - ('byü-tē) - noun - the quality or qualities that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit; loveliness, fairness, adorableness, sparkle, allure
We believe that beauty on the inside shines through and makes girls beautiful on the outside, but it's also super fun to primp and pamper and make yourself pretty with fun beauty products! We love to buzz about the fun beauty trends and goodies we find here, soooo.... here's the latest thing we're excited about...
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Cute & Girly Nails

Cute Heart Nails
what’s the buzz?

How to keep your nails cute, girly, and classy.

keepin’ it cute…

we’ve always seen makeup always somethin’ to lightly enhance the natural beauty of a girl. like it should flow with your energy and naturally add to what’s already beautiful about you, not overtake you or “make you”. so since we’re girly girls, we like our nails to embrace the cute, the sweet, and the feminine energy we like to carry within ourselves.

miss jenna’s tips…

beauty is always about personal taste, so anything we like or don’t like is of course totally just our preference :), but nails are one thing we think can go all kinds of wrong right quick. since jenna is our makeup and beauty princess, she put together some of her fav tips for getting nails that are cute & classy, and avoid the tacky.

Cute & Girly Nail Tips…
Cute Girly Nails
the nail basics

long nails, fake nails, and square tips are things… well, we just.can’, haha. they immediately make us think “old”, “tacky”, “harsh”. sooooo…

1. keep ’em short – we like ours right at, or below the fingertips.

2. keep ’em real – your lil’ nails are beautiful, there’s no need. 🙂

3. keep ’em rounded – your nail tips are naturally rounded so that’s how they look most natural, pretty, feminine.

the nail colors & designs
Cute Girly Nails

1. be creative – we actually love to be creative… we use all kinds of colors, we use bright colors, we mix colors, or add designs and stickers, create patterns, and do fun stuff. when your nails are short and round you can actually be more creative without it lookin’ crazy because it’s more subtle on naturally shaped smaller nails.

2. but be stylish – it’s just in what you choose and how ya use it… going for things like hearts, flowers, butterflies are obviously “cute”. and on short nails, even things like animal prints, multi colors or black polish totally work. it’s when you’ve got some long nails with beads dangling off and chunky rhinestones or thick tips with french manicure… that’s when it all goes sideways :).

Cute Girly Nails
neat & clean

now we’re not running ’round with picture perfect nails just manicured from the nail shop. we do our own nails, we get chips after a bit, and we don’t just sit around painting and primping, but here are a few quick tips to get neater nails that last longer…

1. pre-scrub – we use an all-natural facial scrub. facial scrubs have those tiny grains that exfoliate dead skin from around your nails, get out any deep impurities, and make your hands super soft. – Oatmeal & Honey Scrub »Oatmeal & Honey Scrub

2. buff & shape – use a nail buff to shape and smooth your nails and nail beds. – Nail Buffs »Nail Buffs

3. use apple cider vinegar – yup. dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and rub it over your nails before ya paint. it does awesome stuff… first it keeps nails healthier by preventing bacteria or fungus from growing, and then, it helps your nail polish adhere better, so your polish lasts longer and chips less.

Cute Girly Nails

4. use lotion around the nails – take a q-tip and line the skin around your nail with lotion before you paint it – don’t get it on the actual nail though, just the skin around it. then paint. then when you’re done painting the nail, use a q-tip to remove the lotion. basically, it collects the polish that goes “out of the lines” and keeps it off your skin. once you remove the lotion, your nails are cleanly painted “in the lines” :).

5. let your nails dry – patience is a virtue, haha.


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Burgundy Heart Nails, Red Heart Nails, Pink Heart Nails, Pink, Gold, & Chevron Nails, Flower Nails

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