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Boy Crush

boyz - (bois) - plural noun - boys, gentlemen, guys, men or young men... garçons, ragazzi, jongens, baieti, meninos, jungen, buachaillí
We have crushes on all kinds of boys, and not just cause they're cute ...but we adore boys who are smart, funny, intelligent, witty, brave, talented, creative, charming, adventurous, motivated, and inspirational too! So actors, athlete, musicians - it doesn't matter. If they make us laugh, inspire us, or just win us over with their charm, we gush about our boy crushes here.
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Our Crush On Cutie Patooties In Movies

Angus T. Jones as Hunter - The Rookie
who’s the crush?

Cutie patootie lil’ guys in movies.

innocent crushing…

this isn’t a “hey there” kinda crush post, it’s an “awwww cuties” kinda post haha :). just lil’ kids in movies we think are crazy adorable.

why we’re crushing…

last week we were watching one of our fav movies ever, “The Rookie”, and every time we watch it, we seriously can’t get enough of the lil’ boy in the movie. it’s ridiculous how adorable he is, and sometimes a super special little kid can make an entire movie, so we decided to do a post on a few of the most adorable little boys in movies ever :). if y’all haven’t seen all of these movies, you have to, just so these lil’ guys can make you smile.

Angus T. Jones as Hunter – The Rookie

“Bring the heat, Dad!”

while dennis quaid and the big ball players are stealing bases, this lil’ cutie steals our hearts. this movie is a must-rent asap, and everything this kid says in it is adorable. just pretend this isn’t the kid who’s on ‘two and a half men’ now and you’ll be good. 🙂

Cole & Dylan Sprouse as Julian – Big Daddy

“Kangaroo song! Kangaroo sooooong!”

those eyes… those ears… those cheeks! and they maintain the cute while putting up with adam sandler and rob schneider. these 2 actually stayed pretty sweet and innocent and grew up to be disney kids – ‘the suite life on deck’ anyone?

Jonathan Lipnicki as Ray – Jerry Maguire

“Did you know that dogs and bees can smell fear?”

this kid is crazy hilarious to us for a few reasons… 1. obviously cause he’s super funny in the movie, but also… 2. his name is ‘ray’, and we think it’s super funny when little boys have old man names. 3. krissie knows all this random stuff about fruits and vegetables and stuff that’s good for the body, and out of nowhere she always says stuff like “did you know that raspberries are good for this?” or “did you know cucumbers are good for that?” and every time she says it we can’t help it, we think of this kid in the movie, so we tease krissie and call her “the jerry maguire kid”.

Jae Head as S.J. Tuohy – The Blind Side

“What’s in it for me?”

sooo cute when michael is interviewing college football coaches and s.j. grills ’em on how they’re gonna sell their school. we love his little freckles too :).

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