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tom·boy - (tom-boi) - noun - an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits, such as in games, sports, or way of dress, are considered more typical of boys than of girls
We're girlie girls, but we also love sports, we're adventurous, we goof off and cause trouble like boys, and we have fun with tomboy fashion and style. Each of us have our own little tomboy side and we love to share some of our tomboy vibe and style here...
NFL Shop

Cute NBA Fashion And Gear

what’s the buzz?

Super Cute Girls NBA Fan Gear

why we’re buzzing…

the playoffs have kicked off, and our teams are in! okay, so both of our teams are having a rough start – jenna and krissie are Lakers girls and their boys lost game 1, and cam and ash are Grizzlies fans and their boys lost the first 2 – but we still believe in our boys! and we’re also still representing in our cute Lakers gear and Memphis gear.

the basketball fashion…

think team tees, favorite player jerseys, logo shorts, cute accessories like purses, necklaces and bracelets, and fun things like lanyards, cell phone covers, and team drink cups. we put together cute nba gear collages for 6 teams, but don’t worry if your team isn’t there, our fav sports gear store carries every team. are y’all watchin’ the playoffs? who is your team?

Miami Heat Gear

we had to give a shout out to the reigning champs, and even though we aren’t Heat fans, they’re fun as all hell to watch…

Oklahoma City Thunder Gear

and a little nod to the team the Heat beat…

Los Angeles Lakers Gear

krissie and jenna are Lakers girls, so here’s the luv

Memphis Grizzlies Gear

and some luv for ash and cam’s memphis boys…

Boston Celtics Gear

a first round match up we’re excited to watch is the intense rivalry between the bad boys from Boston, the Celtics, and the new york crew of the Knicks. so here is some cute boston gear…

New York Knicks Gear

and for the other half of the rivalry, some cute new york Knicks gear…

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