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Bite Her Style

style - (stîle) - noun - the look, vibe, combination of elements, or presentation of one's fashion sense
You know when you're wandering around online and you see a pic of an amazing outfit, but you find on Pinterest, Polyvore, Tumblr, or some site where there is no explanation of where the clothes are from - but you'd do anything to have the look?!?! Well, we totally get that because it happens to us all the time!!! We've decided to start a section where we post some of those crazy cute outfits, and we do our best to find places where you can bite the style, and get the look.
Eddie Bauer

Bite Her Style: Cute Plaid Shirt

Cute Plaid Shirt
what’s the look?

Cute Plaid Shirt

the original shirt…

here »

why we’re crushing…

we love button up plaid shirts with jeans… super cute, but casual and comfy. we love her look in this pic because she looks effortless, but still stylish and put together. we couldn’t find a shirt in her exact same plaid tones, so we changed the color up a bit and put together 2 looks so y’all can bite her style.

hey girlies! the 2 shirts in this post are sold out, but they have more plaid shirts —>>> HEREPlaid Shirts

Natrual Tones Plaid

greens, oranges, and browns for an easy natural feel that warms up your skin tone and pulls out the highlights in your hair.

Blue Plaid

pretty blue tones for a cool look that brings out the bright in your eyes.

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