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play·time - (plā'tīm') - noun - vacation, holiday, recess, freedom: a time for play or recreation
To us, life is about adventure, and exploring, and getting out and having fun. We love to challenge ourselves, and to step outside of our comfort zones to try new things. Whether it's a sport, a hobby, an adventure, or just an experience, we believe life is about actively living. We figure if we buzz about the tings we're excited about here, maybe we'll inspire someone else to go out and try something new too!
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Cute Snowboards & Snowboarding Gear

Cute Snowboards
what’s the buzz?

Cute Snowboards & Snowboarding Gear

snow angels…

the mountains are our heaven on earth, and it doesn’t get more perfectly perfect than during the winter when they’re covered in sparkly white snow. in the winter we love playing in the snow any way we can, and snowboarding makes us feel free… brave… alive. even when we’re tumbling down a mountain we take our girly fashion sense with us, so we put together some cute snowboarding outfits that capture each of our spirits.

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