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girl stuff - (gûrl stŭf) - plural noun - items, belongings, essential substance, or elements, with feminine style and energy, in possession of a youthful female
We love girl stuff. You could call us obsessed, addicted, hopelessly devoted. We love finding cute new girl stuff and obsessing about it here.
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What’s Your Shades Style?

Cute Cheap Sunglasses
what’s the buzz?

What’s Your Sunglasses Style?

shades obsession…

if there is one accessory all of us girls can’t get enough of, it’s def sunglasses. we all have like 20 pairs lol. we like ’em cheap, cute, and in different styles depending on our mood, outfit, or where we’re going. even though we all have a variety of shades we try out, we all have a vibe that we tend to go for, and a few styles that we zero in on because they fit our personalities.

bite our style…

each of us girls picked out some super cute sunglasses that show off our styles, and hooked y’all up with a little info on what styles and colors we like specifically. which one of us girl’s sunglasses style are you most like?

Ashlee – Fun, Young, Flirty, Bold

her fav styles: wayfarers, heart shaped, classic & vintage aviators

her fav colors: any color haha, and fun prints & patterns

how she likes ’em: i like wayfarers in any color, print or pattern. heart shaped in any color print or pattern. aviators in silver or a fun color or pattern.

Cameron – Classic, Chic, Simple, Vintage

her fav styles: square and oval oversized, classic aviators, wayfarers, heart shaped

her fav colors: natural, tortoise shell, gold, white, red

how she likes ’em: i like oversized shades in natural, white, and tortoise shell. aviators in gold metal. wayfarers in white or red. heart shaped in white or red.

Krissie – Young, Fun, Sweet & A Little Bit Sassy

her fav styles: classic aviators, heart shaped, wayfarers, oval oversized

her fav colors: gold metal, pink, black, white, cute prints & patterns

how she likes ’em: i like aviators in gold metal or a baby pink. oversized shades in black or white. wayfarers in cute prints and patterns. heart shaped in pretty much any color.

Jenna – Chic, Trendy, Edgy, Sexy

her fav styles: square oversized, classic & vintage aviators, wayfarers, heart shaped

her fav colors: black, teal, red, silver

how she likes ’em: i like classic aviators in silver metal and black. vintage aviators in black. oversized shades in black. wayfarers in black or teal. heart shaped in black or red.

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