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play·time - (plā'tīm') - noun - vacation, holiday, recess, freedom: a time for play or recreation
To us, life is about adventure, and exploring, and getting out and having fun. We love to challenge ourselves, and to step outside of our comfort zones to try new things. Whether it's a sport, a hobby, an adventure, or just an experience, we believe life is about actively living. We figure if we buzz about the tings we're excited about here, maybe we'll inspire someone else to go out and try something new too!
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Wake Babies

Cute Wakeboards
what’s the buzz?

Cute Wakeboards & Wakeboarding Gear

we’re wake babies…

we LOVE wakeboarding somethin’ serious. it’s one of our fav things to all do together. all day at the lake bein’ lil’ fish, bein active, and the speed boat part is pretty darn fun. if you’ve never tried wakeboarding, you.are.missin’.out. just in case y’all are considering jumping in, we thought we’d hook you up with some of our beginner tips, and a little bit of cute wakeboarding gear inspiration.

Wakeboarding Quick Starts
Wakeboards Tips

a couple of our basic beginner wakeboarding tips…

1. the speed lowdown…
you fer sure don’t want the boat to be going too fast, but you have to at least be going fast enough for the boat to pull you up out of the water – it’s just as hard if the boat is going too slow because you won’t “pop up”. starting at 15 mph with a build up to 19 or 20 makes it easiest for most people.

2. the board lowdown…
you choose your board range based on your weight, so look for a wakeboarding size chart.

3. the bikini lowdown…
you are totally going to fall. let’s just get that out there in the open right quick haha. and when you fall, the water is totally going to try to take your bikini off. so how do ya lower your risk for an embarrassment sesh? the right kind of bikini of course… halter tops and solid hipster bottoms are our go-to’s for flash-free wakeboarding.

Cute Wakeboarding Gear

we each picked out a cute wakeboard, a wakeboarding friendly bikini, and an outfit for chillin’ on the boat…


ash is def the best wakeboarder of the bunch and she ain’t skirred of no wake :). she picked out a fun board and outfit in her signature color purple.


jenna is pretty fearless on a wakeboard too and she always rocks her chic fashion sense on the water. she put together a board and outfit with a sleek mix of black, white and jewel toned turquioise.


krissie is ambidextrous so she can board both ways… she learned on her left and then went right the next summer, so she just doesn’t always know which side feels better haha :), but since she can board on both sides it makes her a lil’ bit of a prodigy for tricks like fakies. she brought her young and cute style into her outfit with a pink and turqouise board, and the super girly outfit to match.


cam is our water sign, so we could drag her around on a rope in the water ‘tll the sun goes down. she put together a board and outfit with the blues and greens of the water that soothes her soul.


photo credit:

friends at the lake

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