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fash·ion - (fash'-un) - noun - a form of self-expression through a style, trend, look, or mode of dress and presentation
We love all different kinds of fashion and expressing who we are through fashion. We're addicted to cute clothes, trendy looks, inspired outfits, and even just casual clothing. We have favorite brands, styles, and websites we're obsessed with, and when we find something we adore, we want to go on and on about it haha, so we post our fashion crushes here.
Couture Candy

Our Fashion Crush On Garage »

Garage Trendy Teen Fashion
what’s the crush?

The super trendy cuteness from Garage

why we’re crushing…

they carry cute and current trends, and at crazy affordable prices. the price point is $1.00 to $70.00, with most stuff averaging out between $10.00 and $50.00.

the style…

their style ranges from girly to edgy to preppy to fun, so every girl can find something that’s in her vibe. we love that because all 4 of us could shop there, and all come out with our specific style. each of us went ahead and put together a style collage for our own style, all from Garage. which one of us girls fits your style the most?

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Our Cute And Cheap Boots Crush »

Cute, Cheap, Trendy Boots
what’s the crush?

Cute, Cheap, Trendy Boots from AMI Clubwear »Cute, Cheap, Trendy Boots

nicole is awesome…

this summer krissie became friends with this crazy amazing and beautiful girl named nicole who is not only sweet, but she has epic style. she knows how to rock herself out in the latest trends, and she’s unbelievebly generous and spreads the fashion love to her friends too. she’s always buying krissie super cute stuff and dolling her up in adorable outfits and shoes. recently she bought krissie a couple pairs of boots from AMI ClubwearCute, Cheap, Trendy Boots and we all fell in love with the boots section. their boots are sooo cute and super cheap! in fact the 3 pairs she bought krissie were all 25 bucks or less!

so check out krissie’s boots, and some more cute ones we picked out…

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