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Color Crush

Col·or - (kuhl-er) - the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light;
Every girl has their signature color right? Well this is where we pick out one color at a time and celebrate it by putting together a post of cute stuff all in that color.
BCBG Generation

Color Crush: Elegant Black »

what’s the color crush?

Elegant Black

black symbolism…

elegance, class, sophistication, confidence, romance, mystery and intrigue giving a sense of potential and possibility.

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Color Crush: Glittery Gold »

Glittery Gold Fashion
what’s the color crush?

Glittery Gold

gold symbolism…

light, hope, magic, abundance, luxury, elegance, warmth, illumination, enlightenment, a deep understanding of the self and soul, and gold gives people a sense that something is strong, true, and something they can believe in.

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Color Crush: Romantic Red »

Romantic Red Fashion
what’s the color crush?

Romantic Red

red symbolism…

love, passion, romance, infatuation, sensuality, confidence, courage, vitality, it’s believed that red quickens the heartbeat, and in china red symbolizes good luck and fortune.

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Color Crush: Passion Purple »

Passion Purple Fashion
what’s the color crush?

The deep rich jewel tones of Passion Purple

purple symbolism…

magic, mystery, royalty, spirituality, calm, creativity, bravery, passion, it’s used in healing to help balance the mind and transform fears, and it’s the color of people who seek.

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Color Crush: Ocean Blue »

Ocean Blue Fashion
what’s the color crush?

The turquoise and aqua blue tones of Ocean Blue

ocean blue symbolism…

clarity of thought, balance and harmony, tranquility, truthfulness, idealism, independence, empathy and caring, the connection between emotion and spirituality, your voice and how you express yourself, and it’s the color of the evolved soul.

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Color Crush: Georgia Peach »

what’s the color crush?

the color every southern belle adores… ‘georgia peach’.

peach symbolism…

feminine charm, innocent love, sweetness, grace, kindness and a caring nature. pretty much sums up a southern belle quite perfectly.

the color…

soft, sweet, and pastel peach with pink undertones.

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Color Crush: Sunshine Yellow »

Trendy Teen Fashion
what’s the color crush?

Sunshine Yellow

yellow symbolism…

cheerfulness, happiness, radiance, energy, hope, optimism, self-belief, overcoming challenges and fresh starts.

why we’re crushing…

you may have noticed alot of yellow in our posts this past week, haha. it hasn’t really been on purpose, we’ve just all been drawn to the color lately. we figure that it’s because it makes us think of sunshine, and as spring is starting, we feel like the sun is rising on new energy in our lives. we love to wear the color yellow because it makes us feel fresh, happy, and yellow makes skin look tanner 🙂 . since we’ve all been slightly obsessing over the color, we picked out some of our fav sunshine yellow things we’re crushing on…

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