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What’s Your Purse Personality? »

what’s the buzz?

What’s Your Bag & Purse Personality?

purse personality…

we all take a bag or a purse pretty much everywhere we go right? so what we put our essentials in makes a style statement about who we are. we like to have fun choosing our purses and bags by keeping our personality in mind when we shop!

bite our style…

each of us girls picked out some super cute purses and bags based on our own unique styles. which one of us girls are you most like?

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2012 Hello Kitty Christmas Tree »

2012 Hello Kitty Christmas Tree
what’s the buzz?

Krissie’s Hello Kitty Christmas Tree

why we’re buzzing…

krissie has a SERIOUS obsession with hello kitty. her room, her bathroom, her walls, her accessories… everything has been hello-kitty-fied.

every year at christmas time she carries her addiction over into her christmas tree. each year she picks a different hello kitty picture, prints out like 20 or 30 of ’em, cuts them all out one by one, and makes little paper hello kitty ornaments. then she fills the rest of the tree up with cute decorations, pink lights, and girly things like ballet dancers and fairies.

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