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girl stuff - (gûrl stŭf) - plural noun - items, belongings, essential substance, or elements, with feminine style and energy, in possession of a youthful female
We love girl stuff. You could call us obsessed, addicted, hopelessly devoted. We love finding cute new girl stuff and obsessing about it here.
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Look At The Stars, Look How They Shine For You »

Stars Jewelry
what are the pretty things?

Star Jewelry

the quote…

“I have loved the stars too fondly, to be fearful of the night.” – Sarah Williams

what stars symbolize…

wishes, dreams, hope, luck, fortune, serendipity, honor, achievement, divinity, intuition, faith, guidance, and light within the darkness.

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Color Crush: Romantic Red »

Romantic Red Fashion
what’s the color crush?

Romantic Red

red symbolism…

love, passion, romance, infatuation, sensuality, confidence, courage, vitality, it’s believed that red quickens the heartbeat, and in china red symbolizes good luck and fortune.

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Pretty Things: Heart Necklaces »

Heart Necklaces
what are the pretty things?

Heart Necklaces

what heart necklaces symbolize…

love, romance, adoration, self acceptance, femininity, deep friendship, elegance, and when people give them as gifts they symbolize an unbreakable connection.

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Cute Kitty Halloween Costume Inspiration »

Cute Kitty Halloween Costumes
what’s the buzz?

Cute Kitty Halloween Costumes

cute kitty inspiration…

the kitty costume is def nothin’ new, but it’s always cute no matter what. we love it because there are a million ways you can change it up and make it your own. every year on halloween we do something fun like go to a house party or walk around downtown, and we like to have a costume that’s cute without being too skimpy so we keep it classy and stay warm. kitty costumes are a purrrfect way to do that haha ;).

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Color Crush: Passion Purple »

Passion Purple Fashion
what’s the color crush?

The deep rich jewel tones of Passion Purple

purple symbolism…

magic, mystery, royalty, spirituality, calm, creativity, bravery, passion, it’s used in healing to help balance the mind and transform fears, and it’s the color of people who seek.

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Live Love Dream »

Aeropostale Live Love Dream
what’s the buzz?

Aero’s Inspired Girl Stuff

why we’re buzzing…

aeropostale always has cute stuff, it’s always supa cheap, and right now they’ve added a lil’ inspiration to their goodies with the “live love dream” theme, and we’re lovin’ all of it.

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Pretty Things: Flowers In Your Hair »

Flower Headbands
what are the pretty things?

Flower Headbands And Headwraps

the lyrics…

“Then we grew a little bit, and romanticized the time I saw flowers in your hair” – The Lumineers

symbolism of flowers in a girl’s hair…

a flower in a woman’s hair shows her connection to her femininity, love, and beauty. in hawaii a flower behind a woman’s left ear means that her heart is taken. if a woman has a carnation in her hair it shows love, gratitude, or admiration. a violet worn in a girl’s hair is for faithfulness and happiness, roses for the passion she holds in her life, and daisies for innocence. we love to wear them on headbands to feel girly and pretty.

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