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Pretty Thoughts

in·spired - (in-spahy'uhrd) - adjective - filled with the spirit to do something, or be something brilliant and creative, as if by divine influence
We believe that every moment of our lives is a moment we can choose to be positive, and we believe that it all starts with our thinking. We make a choice to choose happy thoughts, pretty thoughts, and we love to share inspiring thoughts, and inspiring quotes we find... maybe something that has inspired us can inspire you too.
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How Do You Spell Love?

Love Scrabble Letters

the pretty thoughts…

“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet
“You don’t spell it…you feel it.” – Pooh

we’re made up of all kinds of butterflies and flowers and idealism in how we believe love can be… and sometimes it’s hard to believe in those things in this world, but we’re learning little by little to trust that what our hearts feel is ok to believe in… that things we dream of are inside of us because our angels have given us those dreams to believe in.

lotsa times it feels like the world says there’s one certain way love is supposed to look. like there’s checklists of material things and specific timelines of relationship goals… dates, benchmarks, lifestyles, all planned out, and insert any person to come in and check off checkboxes and follow that plan. and that’s ok, we believe everyone’s picture of what love looks like is right for their journey. but if it doesn’t feel right for you, it’s also ok to believe in something different. and for our journeys, that just doesn’t feel so much like love, but more like an arrangement… and those relationships are filled with pain and struggle and fading of love, because it’s about what people can get from someone, and trying to change the other person to make them fit into their plan, instead of loving them for who they are. for us love isn’t found in plans or checklists… it’s felt between the 2 souls being beautiful to each other, in allowing their 2 journeys to weave together, and in just giving and receiving love.

all things beautiful…

of course we still have ideas of what kinds of things represent love to us… but it’s more energies we believe love brings. to us love is kind of just “all things beautiful”… both people being completely free to be the best version of themselves and always wanting to give each other all of the best things they have to give… like an overflow of good energies… like inspiring and spiritual, romantic and passionate, honest and respectful, sweet and affectionate, curious and exciting and adventurous, kind, true, faithful… and there’s nothing to work at or struggle through, and it doesn’t fade, it gets stronger, because it just feels good… it’s just… love. and if above all else it’s about the 2 hearts and how they feel with each other, then we want to trust it and allow everything else to naturally unfold around it.


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Love Scrabble Letters

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