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Destination Beautiful

des·ti·na·tion - (desti-ne-shun) - noun - the location of a journey or voyage. the place to which one is going or directed. destinataire, destino, la destinazione
We have been to some beautiful places, but there are so many beautiful places everywhere left to see, and we love to imagine the places we could someday go, and dream about the things we'd do if we went. We also love to get into the fashion vibe of each destination, and find the perfect outfits for our dream vacations.
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Destination Beautiful: Ireland & Irish Vacay Fashion

Irish Castles

what’s the destination?


what it’s famous for…

the green country side, old churches and castles, beer and pubs, shamrocks & leprechauns, Oscar Wilde, Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and U2.

have we been there?

nope. but krissie and ashlee are both irish so they totally want to go see where their long lost familials come from.

why we wanna go to ireland…

irish poetry, blessings, and magic
we adore the culture, the folklore, the irish storytelling. we love irish poetry and irish blessings. they are full of magic, inspiration, and humor. krissie’s favrit’ is an irish blessing she’s carried around with her since she was a little girl, and now she says it to all of her friends and to her nephews…

Heaven's Trail

“May you always have… a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you, laughter to cheer you, faithful friends near you, and whenever you pray, heaven to hear you.”

we just think the culture is magical, and we bet the country is too.

what we wanna do in ireland…

visit dublin
of course we have to go to dublin! we’d go shopping, walk by the river, see the architecture, take in the people!

tour the country side
we want to take a tour and see the cottages, drive along the cliffs, and eat at the local pubs.

see the old castles
the gigantic ones, the smaller ones, the ones on the cliffs, and the ones out on islands… we wanna see ’em all.

slane castle concert
every year there is a massive concert in june at an old castle called “Slane Castle” that we are dying to go to. everyone from kings of leon to paul oakenfold to coldplay to muse have played the show.

Ireland Vacation Fashion Inspiration

ireland is cold, so it’s all about layers. but even when we layer-up we still want to look cute and put together.

Sweet And Stylish

natural browns, green tones, and ivories to bring in the irish flag colors without being obvious. this look feminine and comfortable, but it’s still stylish enough for the city. perfect for a day in dublin of shopping and site seeing.

Cute And Cozy

heart leggings and layers of cream tones and navy blues. perfect for touring the countryside and castles.

Classy And Chic

layers of gray tones worked into a private school inspired look for carrying your cuteness into the night. perfect for going out to dinner or to a play at a local theatre.

Photo Credit:

heaven’s trail photo

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