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Destination Beautiful

des·ti·na·tion - (desti-ne-shun) - noun - the location of a journey or voyage. the place to which one is going or directed. destinataire, destino, la destinazione
We have been to some beautiful places, but there are so many beautiful places everywhere left to see, and we love to imagine the places we could someday go, and dream about the things we'd do if we went. We also love to get into the fashion vibe of each destination, and find the perfect outfits for our dream vacations.
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Destination Beautiful: B-day Vaycay

Girls In Lake Tahoe

what’s the destination?

Lake Tahoe

what tahoe is famous for…

being one of the most beautiful places on earth. 🙂

krissie’s b-day vacay

tomorrow is krissie’s b-day(happy b-day sweet pea!), so as y’all are reading this, we’ve already kidnapped miss krissie and we’re all in lake tahoe for a lakeside princess trip right now.

why we love it there…

there are some places that just light your soul up. the kinds of places that are more than just beautiful, they’re spiritual too… like you feel connected to the energy of the place and just being there makes your heart happy. tahoe is def one of those places for us… the lake, the sky, the mountains, the trees, the fresh air, the cute cabins everywhere… it’s just magical.

our tahoe trip…
Lake Tahoe

lakeshore cabins
we’re staying in these super cute cabins right off the beach at this place called zephyr cove. we’re going to slumber party, wake up early and watch the sunrise over the mountains, play in the water, bar-b-que, the cabins have cable so we get to watch our football, and at the end of each day we’ll watch the sunset over the water.

zephyr cove cabins »

beach babies
since our cabins are right by the beach we’re totally gonna take in some sun and sand, float out on the water, and rent some jet skis and race each other haha.

zephyr cove beach »

take in nature
we’re going hiking and walking every day. tahoe is breathtaking and we love exploring and feeling alive.

tahoe hiking »

Lake Tahoe Fashion Inspiration

since it’s princess krissie’s b-day trip, we wanted to put together some fashion inspiration straight out of her closet, and in her cute tahoe style.

Cabin Cuteness

for chillin at the cabin in the daytime she loves faded jeans, little babydoll tops, cute boots, and a cozy sweater.

Tahoe Hiking

for hiking, she loves leggings, cute and colorful tees and hoodies, a backpack to pack a picnic, and just in case it gets chilly, she loves adorable little fuzzy animal gloves.

Tahoe Nights

when the sun goes down and the stars come out, she loves some dark and sexy skinny jeans, a trendy sweater, a denim jacket, some chic slouchy boots, and she loves hello kitty, so the outfit is topped off with a cute hello kitty purse.


photo credits:

lake tahoe 1, lake tahoe 2, lake tahoe 3, lake tahoe 4

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