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pre·ty - (prÎtê) - adjective - visually pleasing or attractive, often in a delicate, feminine, or beautiful manner
We adore tons of pretty and girly things from jewelry and accessories to clothes and shoes to decor and gifts. This is where we post about all kinds of different pretty things we obsess over.
Personalized JewelryPersonalized Jewelry

Little Pieces Of Love

Love Jewelry
what are the pretty things?

Love Jewelry

the quote…

“One day, you will learn how to give and receive love like an open window and it will feel like summer every day. One day, everything will make sense.” – Sierra DeMulder

little pieces of love…

learning to love ourselves, learning to give that love to the people in our lives, and maybe the hardest one… learning to let ourselves be loved in return. little ways to keep love in our thoughts and in our energy… love necklaces, love bracelets, and love rings and earrings…

Love Necklaces
Love Bracelets
Love Rings & Earrings
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Love Necklace

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