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Boy Crush

boyz - (bois) - plural noun - boys, gentlemen, guys, men or young men... garçons, ragazzi, jongens, baieti, meninos, jungen, buachaillí
We have crushes on all kinds of boys, and not just cause they're cute ...but we adore boys who are smart, funny, intelligent, witty, brave, talented, creative, charming, adventurous, motivated, and inspirational too! So actors, athlete, musicians - it doesn't matter. If they make us laugh, inspire us, or just win us over with their charm, we gush about our boy crushes here.
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Our Crush On Boys Who Could Sing Us To Sleep

who’s the crush?

Boys who could sing us to sleep

why we’re crushing…

money, fame, clothes, status, career… we could care less. when it comes to boys, we crush on who a boy is, what’s in his heart, the stuff that lights his soul up, and how he treats us… things like creativity, passion, integrity, respect, and definitely the little things boys do to romance us.

one of the sweetest things we could ever imagine is a boy writing a song about us, or singing us to sleep. even if a boy can’t sing, just the gesture of it is crazy beautiful. so don’t buy us fancy clothes or shiny jewelry, pour your soul out through your pen, and sweet us up with the sound of your voice.

the boys…

we picked out 5 boys who def can sing, who have songs we love, and who could sing us to sleep anytime…

Jason Wade

“You calm the storms and you give me rest, you hold me in your hands, you won’t let me fall, you steal my heart and you take my breath away, would you take me in, take me deeper now, and how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you, would you tell me how could it be any better than this…”
– Lifehouse / Everything

Lifehouse pretty much has a lock on what a “soulmate song” is, and Jason Wade could steal our hearts and take our breath away for sure.

Caleb Followill

“You had me holding on, another time and place, ride out the wave, bury yourself away, the one and only face…”
– Kings Of Leon / The Face

Caleb’s wife Lily is our fav model ever, so we always think of her when he sings this… sooo sweet!

Cal Shapiro

“Can’t look away, cause you are the show, it’s getting late, but I’m not ready to go, so close right now…”
– Timeflies / Tonight I Can’t Say No

in real life this boy is def a player – which is so not our thing, but he ain’t worried about us haha, he’s got plenty of girlies crushing. if we could we’d take his smooth voice and his clever freestyle coming from the lips of a good boy anyday though.

Ray LaMontagne

“I wanna know you, wanna kiss you, wanna love you, I wanna show you there will be no one else above you, when you’re mine baby, when you’re my sweet, my sweet little baby, you should belong to me, oh smiling and free, yes you should be loving me…”
– Ray LaMontagne / You Should Belong To Me

his songs are pretty much the sexiest, most romantic, passionate songs ever.

Jason Vena

“I believe in loving you with first sight, I know it’s crazy but I’m hoping to to take a hold of you, could this be out of line, to say you’re the only one breaking me down like this, you’re the only one I would take a shot on…”
– Acceptance / So Contagious

spiritual, inspired, creative… the perfect kind of boy to serenade you.

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