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Pretty Thoughts

in·spired - (in-spahy'uhrd) - adjective - filled with the spirit to do something, or be something brilliant and creative, as if by divine influence
We believe that every moment of our lives is a moment we can choose to be positive, and we believe that it all starts with our thinking. We make a choice to choose happy thoughts, pretty thoughts, and we love to share inspiring thoughts, and inspiring quotes we find... maybe something that has inspired us can inspire you too.
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Pretty Thoughts: Taking In The Messages

Teen Inspiration Blog

the pretty thoughts…

“Hold on to the message, and not the messenger.”

where it’s from…

krissie actually was told this by an australian shaman 🙂 . it’s something she has kept with her since. we’ve all taken it in and hold it dear in our lives, and it’s given us faith in moments of confusion and heartbreak. we hope that if we share with y’all what each of us feels about it, that it may give someone else some sort of peace or comfort in their moments of confusion or heartbreak too.

*** jenna ***
i believe that angels work through people who come into our lives sometimes to show us something about ourselves, open us up to something new, or help us go forward to a new phase – but that doesn’t mean those people are meant to be in our lives for good. like those people hold a space for our angels to talk to us, but if there is a something that conflicts between the message and the person carrying it, we’re meant to trust our inner voice and make choices. i think it happens that way just so we can learn the difference between what we deserve, and what it feels like to experience less… and then love ourselves enough to choose to deserve the best.

*** cameron ***
i have this thoery that sometimes people are like temporary “illusions” in our lives… crazy yes? do i care if it’s crazy? nope. like people who come into our lives and do things that challenge us to grow, but if they cause us too much pain, we’re meant to let them fade away… then eventually, we heal that pain so we can learn to overcome things and trust ourselves by following the messages we were given, and it leads us further down the path of our journey.

*** krissie ***
i feel things crazy strong and deep, so when people hurt me, it ends up hurting me inside my soul places. i’m slowly learning to listen to my angels, and know that they are always holding my hand through things. so if my heart gets hurt, i have to just find something strong inside of me and cherish myself. then i try to take in the messages around me, and ask my angels to hold me safe as i let go of the scary things happening… i guess to me this quote means to have faith even when i don’t understand things, cause there are always beautiful messages lighting my way through any darkness.

*** ashlee ***
i think it’s about knowing everything and everyone and every moment in your life is meant to be, and you’ll find your way through all of it, no matter what. but people are supposed to make your life more beautiful, so you don’t have to stay connected to people if they stop making your life more beautiful. i always feel myself being guided through life, and i pay attention to all of the messages, but i also make sure to only hold onto the messengers for as long as they are beautiful energy in my life.

Faith (guided meditation)

for us, when we need to hear the messages in our lives, we have to clear all the crazy chatter out of our heads. one of the things that helps us is meditation… yup…peace, love, and ohm. this video is so beautiful and helps us feel connected to our angels…

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