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tom·boy - (tom-boi) - noun - an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits, such as in games, sports, or way of dress, are considered more typical of boys than of girls
We're girlie girls, but we also love sports, we're adventurous, we goof off and cause trouble like boys, and we have fun with tomboy fashion and style. Each of us have our own little tomboy side and we love to share some of our tomboy vibe and style here...
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Football Fever And NFL Cuteness

what’s the buzz?

Super Cute Girls NFL Football Fashion

why we’re buzzing…

are y’all gettin’ ready for some football??? these 4 football lovin’ girls sure are! pre season is revvin’ up, the regular season kicks off on september 5th, and we’re ca-razy hyped up to watch ash and cam’s mighty titans, and krissie and jenna’s raaiiiiiidaaaaas :). if there is anything southern girls love it’s football and fashion – and the 2 together especially, so it’s about that time for our football fan gear post.

the nfl cuteness…

we had a special request from casey who commented on our cute superbowl sunday outfits post asking us to not only post about the gear, but to put together cute outfits of how to wear the fan gear to a football party. well wish granted miss casey ♥. we picked out 6 teams to give some football fashion luv to, but don’t y’all worry if your team isn’t here because all of the fan gear in the outfits is from our fav sports gear store and they’ve got all kinds of adorableness in every team. are y’all football fans? who is your team?

Tennessee Titans Fashion

ash and cam can’t wait to see jake locker and the boys in blue brings some wins home to the south.

Oakland Raiders Fashion

krissie and jenna love their boys in the silver and black. this year the team is young, hungry, and ready to fire up some W’s in

Baltimore Ravens Fashion

even tho we’ve never fully recovered from when joe flacco had that creepy fu manchu mustache goin’, the ravens did win the superbowl last season, so we had to give ’em an outfit shoutout.

San Francisco 49ers Fashion

they may not have won the superbowl, but we def think kaepernick is still a star QB on the rise.

New England Patriots Fashion

brady may have fallen just a little short the past few seasons, but he’s one of the best ever, and he ain’t goin’ out without one more shot at the big show.

Green Bay Packers Fashion

even though the packers aren’t our team, aaron rodgers is a force to be reckoned with… and he’s crazy funny in interviews lol.


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