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Color Crush

Col·or - (kuhl-er) - the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light;
Every girl has their signature color right? Well this is where we pick out one color at a time and celebrate it by putting together a post of cute stuff all in that color.

Color Crush: Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue Fashion
what’s the color crush?

The turquoise and aqua blue tones of Ocean Blue

ocean blue symbolism…

clarity of thought, balance and harmony, tranquility, truthfulness, idealism, independence, empathy and caring, the connection between emotion and spirituality, your voice and how you express yourself, and it’s the color of the evolved soul.

why we’re crushing…

it’s one of all of our favrit’ colors to wear. jenna loves it against her dark hair and she’s obsessed with blue nail polish, it brings out the bright blue of krissie’s eyes, ash loves to work the color into her surfer girl style, and cam says it always makes her skin look tanner haha. it’s also a perfect color for summer… it makes us all think of the ocean and summer days and just feeling peaceful, young, free, and alive. check out some of our fav ocean blue things…

Ocean Blue Dresses
Ocean Blue Tops
Ocean Blue Tops

Ocean Blue Beauty
Ocean Blue Decor & School Stuff


Ocean Blue Decor & School Stuff

Girl At Beach, Ocean 1, Ocean 2, Ocean 3

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