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pret·ty prin·cess - (prit-ee prĭn-sěs') - noun - jolie princesse, bella principessa, princesa bonita, la princessa, dejlige prinsesse, pen prinsesse
We believe that every girl should fall in love with who they are and who they get to be... and celebrate it. We also believe girls should celebrate each other too, so this is where we celebrate ourselves, girls we adore, and just being a girl all together.

Our Christmas Favrit’s

Christmas - Teen Fashion Blog
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A Few Of Our Favorite Christmas Things

the quote…

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more…” – Dr. Seuss

merry christmas eve…

it’s christmas eve, and our favorite things about christmas are the people we share it with, the sights and sounds that surround us… and of course the food we put in our tummies hehe :). we wanted to share a few of our christmas favrit’s with y’all, so check out ours, and share yours with us toooo ♥

Christmas - Teen Fashion Blog

Fav Christmas Song – “Oh Holy Night” – Kelly Clarkson Version

Fav Christmas Movie – “Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Christmas”

Fav Christmas Goodies – apple cider & candy canes

A Magical Christmas Memory – one year my family and ashlee’s family all got some cabins together up in gatlinburg, tennessee. it was this totally cheesy, but awesome, christmas-movie-come-to-life week where we ate a ton of food, sang christmas songs by the fire, and ashlee’s cousin dressed up as santa for all the little kids. the whole thing was soooo cute.

Christmas - Teen Fashion Blog

Fav Christmas Song – “Alleluia” – Hawk Nelson

Fav Christmas Movie – “Elf”

Fav Christmas Goodies – hot chocolate with marshmallows & frosted christmas cookies

A Magical Christmas Memory – cam stole mine haha :). it was super cheesy… but totally awesome. we also watched like 40 christmas movies, cut down a tree from the woods, and went caroling… yup, we went around and embarrassed ourselves singin’ to strangers.

Christmas - Teen Fashion Blog

Fav Christmas Song – “I Wanna Be Your Christmas” – Andrew Allen

Fav Christmas Movie – “Polar Express”

Fav Christmas Goodies – peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows & fudge

A Magical Christmas Memory – one christmas eve we all went to see our friend heather who was staying up at her dad’s cabin where she was stuck because she just had knee surgery. we went to take her food and presents and stuff, and after we got there we got snowed in. we pretty much had a spontaneous slumber party where we like played board games, and ate food, and watched movies… it was like one of those unplanned things in life that turned out to be pretty amazing.

Christmas - Teen Fashion Blog

Fav Christmas Song – “Silent Night” – Taylor Swift Version

Fav Christmas Movie – “Tinkerbell – Secret of the Wings”

Fav Christmas Goodies – peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows & frosted christmas cookies

A Magical Christmas Memory – mine is kinda silly and nerdy, but it’s always made the stars at christmas magical for me… one year our sunday school went to the planetarium for this special christmas thing where they told the christmas story, but with the stars in the sky. it was all about the nativity and the three kings and the christmas star of bethlehem… i’ve always loved the stars so i was in awe like it was the most beautiful amazing storytime ever.

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