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play·time - (plā'tīm') - noun - vacation, holiday, recess, freedom: a time for play or recreation
Whether it's dancing, going on vacation, playing sports, going to a concert, camping, or taking a road trip, we love getting out and trying new things, having fun, and feeling alive. We also love movies and music, and fun things that inspire us.
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Kings, Queens, Love… And Pretty Dresses »

Fashion Inspired By Mary From Reign
the cinéma…


the story…

king & queens, castles & forests, france & scotland, love stories… and super pretty princess dresses.

the stars & starlets…

Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo, Torrance Coombs, Caitlin Stasey, and Anna Popplewell.

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Cute Snowboards & Snowboarding Gear »

Cute Snowboards
what’s the buzz?

Cute Snowboards & Snowboarding Gear

snow angels…

the mountains are our heaven on earth, and it doesn’t get more perfectly perfect than during the winter when they’re covered in sparkly white snow. in the winter we love playing in the snow any way we can, and snowboarding makes us feel free… brave… alive. even when we’re tumbling down a mountain we take our girly fashion sense with us, so we put together some cute snowboarding outfits that capture each of our spirits.

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Destination Beautiful: Forests, Rivers, & College Football »

University Of Oregon Cheerleaders

what’s the destination?


what oregon is famous for…

beautiful coastlines, magic forests, massive rivers, nike, steve prefontaine, track town usa, and as much as it kills these sec fan girls to say it, those pac12 boys up at u of o can sure play some football.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost »

what’s the buzz?


the quote…

“Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.” – Jeffrey Rasley

why we love it…

when we go hiking it’s this perfect mix of losing ourselves, and finding ourselves, all at once. we go into nature to leave behind our minds and open our hearts. things like school or work, technology and media, challenges or struggles, the noise of the everyday world… they fade away, and we get to explore and go higher. no plans, no worries, just being out in nature and just wandering free… it’s beautiful, and magical, and it opens us up to new things in life.

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…A Time To Dance »

Footloose Prom - 2011 Remake
the cinéma…


the story…

a story ’bout a small town girl, a big city boy, dancing, young rebellion, faith, and fallin’ in love.

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Destination Beautiful: B-day Vaycay »

Cute Lake Tahoe Outits

what’s the destination?

Lake Tahoe

what tahoe is famous for…

being one of the most beautiful places on earth. 🙂

krissie’s b-day vacay

tomorrow is krissie’s b-day(happy b-day sweet pea!), so as y’all are reading this, we’ve already kidnapped miss krissie and we’re all in lake tahoe for a lakeside princess trip right now.

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Wake Babies »

Cute Wakeboards
what’s the buzz?

Cute Wakeboards & Wakeboarding Gear

we’re wake babies…

we LOVE wakeboarding somethin’ serious. it’s one of our fav things to all do together. all day at the lake bein’ lil’ fish, bein active, and the speed boat part is pretty darn fun. if you’ve never tried wakeboarding, you.are.missin’.out. just in case y’all are considering jumping in, we thought we’d hook you up with some of our beginner tips, and a little bit of cute wakeboarding gear inspiration.

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