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Playtime Buzz

play·time - (plā'tīm') - noun - vacation, holiday, recess, freedom: a time for play or recreation
To us, life is about adventure, and exploring, and getting out and having fun. We love to challenge ourselves, and to step outside of our comfort zones to try new things. Whether it's a sport, a hobby, an adventure, or just an experience, we believe life is about actively living. We figure if we buzz about the tings we're excited about here, maybe we'll inspire someone else to go out and try something new too!
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Cute Snowboards & Snowboarding Gear »

Cute Snowboards
what’s the buzz?

Cute Snowboards & Snowboarding Gear

snow angels…

the mountains are our heaven on earth, and it doesn’t get more perfectly perfect than during the winter when they’re covered in sparkly white snow. in the winter we love playing in the snow any way we can, and snowboarding makes us feel free… brave… alive. even when we’re tumbling down a mountain we take our girly fashion sense with us, so we put together some cute snowboarding outfits that capture each of our spirits.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost »

what’s the buzz?


the quote…

“Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.” – Jeffrey Rasley

why we love it…

when we go hiking it’s this perfect mix of losing ourselves, and finding ourselves, all at once. we go into nature to leave behind our minds and open our hearts. things like school or work, technology and media, challenges or struggles, the noise of the everyday world… they fade away, and we get to explore and go higher. no plans, no worries, just being out in nature and just wandering free… it’s beautiful, and magical, and it opens us up to new things in life.

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Wake Babies »

Cute Wakeboards
what’s the buzz?

Cute Wakeboards & Wakeboarding Gear

we’re wake babies…

we LOVE wakeboarding somethin’ serious. it’s one of our fav things to all do together. all day at the lake bein’ lil’ fish, bein active, and the speed boat part is pretty darn fun. if you’ve never tried wakeboarding, you.are.missin’.out. just in case y’all are considering jumping in, we thought we’d hook you up with some of our beginner tips, and a little bit of cute wakeboarding gear inspiration.

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So Ya Wanna Be A Cheerleader? – Cheer Tryouts Prep »

How To Try Out For Cheerleading
what’s the buzz?

Our ULTIMATE “Cheer Tryouts Prep Guide” to inspire y’all if ya wanna try out for cheer.

we say…

go for it. all 4 of us are cheerleaders, jenna and ash are bases, and krissie and cam are flyers. jenna was our head cheerleader, and now she coaches lil’ pee wee cheer girls. it’s been such a fun part of our lives, and we think any girl that wants to do it should totally give it a try.

the cheer lowdown…

your cheer tryouts may not be for another month or two, but you’ll def want to start getting ready now. we put together some tips for girls thinking about trying out, and some other fun cheer stuff too :).

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So You Wanna Be A Ballerina? »

Become A Ballet Dancer
what’s the buzz?

Getting Into Ballet

why we’re buzzing…

if you want to become any kind of dancer, ballet is super good training to start with because it’s the core of dance technique. it’s also such a great workout, aaaaand it’s way fun!

have we taken classes?

krissie had her first ballet slippers on at 3 years old and has been a twinkle toes ever since. the rest of us have all taken classes to help our cheerleading and dance technique. ashlee has even taken ballet classes to help with her agility and control in soccer.

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Cute Snowboarding Outfits »

Cute Snowboarding Outfits
what’s the buzz?

Cute Snowboarding Outfits

get cute all you little snowbunnies…

whether you’re dashing down the slopes in Lake Tahoe, or tearing it up in Aspen, it’s essential to be warm, comfy, and of course… look super cute. we all love snowboarding, so we each put together an outfit and gear set for the powder based on our personalities.

which outfit is most YOU??

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