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pret·ty prin·cess - (prit-ee prĭn-sěs') - noun - jolie princesse, bella principessa, princesa bonita, la princessa, dejlige prinsesse, pen prinsesse
We're inspired by princesses, whether they are cartoons and Disney Princesses, or real life princesses. We get fashion and style inspiration, and put together our looks here.
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Fashion Inspired By Snow White

who’s the princess inspiration?

Snow White

why we’re buzzing…

snow white is our friend nicole’s favrit’ disney princess, so we wanted to hook her up with a post (hi coley!) :).

why we love snow white…

we love the story of the rough and rugged dwarves being softened up by the sweet femininity of snow… just like how a rough and rugged boy can be softened up by the sweetness of a girl he has a crush on ♥. and of course we love the ending where snow white is awakened by true love’s kiss!

the princess style…

we pulled inspiration from snow’s signature blue, yellow, and red dress. we put together 3 looks with 3 different snow vibes… ‘romantic’, ‘cute’, and ‘summer’. which snow look would you try out?

Romantic Snow White

we worked the blue in with a dress, the yellow with a cardigan sweater, and added red accents to create a sweet and sexy snow white look that dolls you up for a date, or a night with your sorority sisters.

Cute Snow White

this outfit pulls all of snow’s dress colors into a cute and casual look that’s perfect for a bar-b-que, a house party, or a friends and family get together.

Summer Snow White

take snow white’s style to the beach with this yellow ruffle and lace bikini, a red and blue outfit to wear over it, and even a cute snow white beach bag to carry your goodies.

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