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pret·ty prin·cess - (prit-ee prĭn-sěs') - noun - jolie princesse, bella principessa, princesa bonita, la princessa, dejlige prinsesse, pen prinsesse
We believe that every girl should fall in love with who they are and who they get to be... and celebrate it. We also believe girls should celebrate each other too, so this is where we celebrate ourselves, girls we adore, and just being a girl all together.

Country Girl Sayings: Talk Like A Southern Sweetheart

Southern Sayings
what’s the buzz?…

Southern Sayings and Country Girl Words

the way we talk…

we’re all southern girls, so when we’re just around each other, or chillin’ in Tennessee, we never really think about our accents, or the funny sayings we have, or that the way we pronounce words is crazy to other people haha. but when we get around our Cali friends, we’re constantly teased about all of it! our friend nicole – (she is originally from Portland, Oregon and lives in Cali so she pretty much has no southern exposure other than us) – is always joking that she needs to get a “Southern Translation Phone App” to understand krissie, haha.

a little bit ago nicole put together a list of some funny southern stuff krissie says alot and it was hilarious – because it was all true. so we thought it would be cute to do a post on our country girl speak in case any of y’all want to pick up a lil’ bit of southern charm 🙂 .

Country Girl Sayings

let’s just clear this one up right from the get go…y’all can be used many ways, and those of us who say y’all have our own logic behind how we use it, and we totally don’t care how incorrect the logic is!

  • "y’all” – translation…”you, you people, anyone really”

  • "y’all” – translation…”you or you plural”

  • "all y’all” – translation…”you plural or group”

  • "all y’alls” – translation…”you plural – really big group”

Cute Southern Nicknames

there are so many stereotypes about southern people being”ignorant” or”redneck”…which is true in places haha, but we like to embrace the stereotypes of being sweet, polite, and charming. one of our favrit’ things about the south is that people use endearing nicknames for girls. some girls wouldn’t appreciate them, but we think it’s super sweet when people call us by these…

  • Honey
  • Sweetheart
  • Sugah
  • Darlin’
  • Sweet Pea
  • Prettyface
  • Pretty Girl
  • Sugar Bee
  • Miss
  • Sweetie
  • Babydoll
Funny Southern Vocabulary

this was the list nicole put together from the things krissie says and how she pronounces words haha… so funny cause it’s so true…

Funny Southern Vocabulary
  • "might could” – translation…”possibly”
  • "maybe might” – translation…”it’s possible”
  • "hellbent” – translation…”determined”
  • "hi-eye” – translation…”hello”
  • "hissy fit” – translation…”state of extreme aggrevation”
  • "whi’eye’nin” – translation…”complaining”
  • "i’m gunna die” – translation…”I am extremely embarrassed by that”
  • "Chivy” – translation…”Chevy truck”
  • "As all hell!” – translation…”Very much so.”
  • "Oh hell no!” – translation…”That is definitely not happening.”
  • "favrit'” – translation…”most preferred”
  • "i’m shy’eye” – translation…”I am shy”
  • "gunna” – translation…”going to”
  • "i’m fixin’ to” – translation…”I am going to.”
  • “stomping grounds”” – translation…”familiar hangouts”
  • "so ty’red i can’t see straight” – translation…”exhausted”
  • "sway’et” – translation…”sweet”
  • "thay’ank yew!” – translation…”Thank you”
  • "bi’eye” – translation…”goodbye”
  • "fer nothin'” – translation…”not at all”
  • "whut?” – translation…”what?”
  • "ye’ah or yay-ep” – translation…”yes”
  • "turncoat” – translation…”traitor”
  • "adam” – translation…”item”
  • "chayer” – translation…”chair”
  • "oh cray-ap” – translation…”sh*t”
  • "criine” – translation…”crying”
  • "cuz” – translation…”because”
  • "de-fince” – translation…”defense”
  • "i dun knooooww” – translation…”I do not know”
  • "fiy-er” – translation…”fire”
  • "git” – translation…”get”
  • "hire yu?” – translation…”how are you?”
  • "i don’t cay’er” – translation…”Sure, I would like to”
  • "nekkid” – translation…”not wearing clothing”
  • "nope” – translation…”no”
  • "whi’eye” – translation…”why?”
  • "ri’aht” – translation…”right or correct”
  • "rountoit” – translation…”find time to accomplish goals”
Cute Southern Sayings
Funny Southern Sayings
  • "yes ma’am” – translation… this is a southern girl’s go-to phrase for pretty much anything like… “answering a question politely” or “i understand” or “i know, and i won’t do it again”, haha.
  • "Well bless his heart” – translation… “Poor thing just doesn’t know better.”
  • "Take never plus when hell freezes over and times it by infinity, and that’s ’bout when.” – translation… “Never. Seriously…never.”
  • "Doesn’ know whether to check his butt or scratch his watch.” – translation… “He’s confused.”
  • "Well shut my mouth. “ – translation… “No way! That’s crazy!”
  • "Well slap me silly!” – translation… “That’s Crazy!”
  • "You ain’t right!” – translation… “You are so weird.”
  • "He looks like 10 miles of bad road.” – translation… “He doesn’t look so good.”
  • "You can kiss my go-to-hell.” – translation… “Forget you!”
  • "That’s about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.” – translation… “That doesn’t do me any good.”
  • "Wrap you up in sweet.” – translation… “Be kind and sweet to you.”
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