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beau·ty - ('byü-tē) - noun - the quality or qualities that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit; loveliness, fairness, adorableness, sparkle, allure
Everything from what you put into your body, to how you feel about yourself, what you eat, what you think, what you get out and try...all the beautiful things you do and feel on the inside, are what creates the beautiful person you are on the outside.
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Super Soft Touchable Skin

How To Get Soft Skin
what’s the beauty secret?

Our secrets for super soft touchable skin.

the poetry…

“I held her close, I felt her heart pound though her skin, Her skin was as soft as silk, Her eyes reminded me of something more beautiful to see… I loved her so, I gave her everything I had and even more.” – Escoffier

the super soft secrets…

whether it’s just for us when we touch our own skin, or in cam’s case when her boy holds her close, having soft skin is a major must have for all of us girls. we all get compliments all the time on how soft our skin is, and it’s not just about lotion for us, so we’re sharin’ our super soft skin secrets. we linked up to some of the stuff we love so y’all can soften up your skin too.

the healthy, the pretty, and the beautiful…
the healthy

skin is the largest organ in your body and it’s connected to all kinds of everything, so it makes sense to us that soft skin starts from the inside out.

How To Get Soft Skin


  • water – we drink it all day errday. hydration = clean and moisturized from the inside out.
  • good for skin foods – we eat ’em, juice ’em, or smoothie ’em… on the regular we have grapes, fish, spinach, brown rice, sweet potatoes, berries, almonds, carrots, kale, & avocado.
  • supplements – we work in some skin lovin’ vitamins and supplements like… vitamin Avitamin A, vitamin Cvitamin C, vitamin Evitamin E, vitamin Kvitamin K, omegasomegas, msmmsm, collagen, and amino acidsamino acids.


  • exercise – walking, dance, running, swimming, yoga… anything that gets our hearts racin’ and our blood flowin’ to bring all the good nutrients to our skin cells.
  • massager – we own these home massager thingieshome massager… they break up toxins and blocked stuff so all the good stuff can flow through our skin cells… and they feel awesome.


  • sleeping beauties – while ya sleep, your body regenerates, balances, and produces hormone stuff that repairs skin and generates collagen. we try to get our essential hours all the time.
the pretty

even though we start on the inside, we love our skin up on the surface too…

natural moisturizers…

How To Get Soft Skin
  • pure aloe vera gelaloe vera gelaloe vera gel heals and repairs skin, and it’s full of good stuff like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. we put it on right out of the shower.
  • extra virgin coconut oilcoconut oilcoconut oil makes your skin super soft and it smells sooo yummy. we put a light layer on before we put on our girly lotions.

essential oils…

  • skin lovin’ essential oilsessential oils like vanilla, lemon, lemongrass, grapefruit, and juniper are good for moisturizing, detoxifying and smoothing skin. we add a few drops to our aloe vera gel when we moisturize.

bath beauty…

  • exfoliating – we use body scrubs and sugar scrubs to smooth away dry and dead skin… 100% Pure100% Pure Body Scrubs has some of our favrit’ kinds ever.
  • epsom salt baths – we soak in baths with epsom saltepsom salt to detoxify and soften so our skin is pure and fresh.
the beautiful

spiritually… skin is known to represent how you feel about yourself. skin protects everything inside of you, and it’s the layer between you and the world. we try to give ourselves love and acceptance and embrace our femininity, and when we’re filling ourselves up with that love and acceptance and femininity, we believe that those energies radiate from within us and show in our soft, sweet skin.


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