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fash·ion - (fash'-un) - noun - a form of self-expression through a style, trend, look, or mode of dress and presentation
We love all different kinds of fashion and expressing who we are through fashion. We're addicted to cute clothes, trendy looks, inspired outfits, and even just casual clothing. We have favorite brands, styles, and websites we're obsessed with, and when we find something we adore, we want to go on and on about it haha, so we post our fashion crushes here.
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Little Surfer Girl

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what’s the crush?

Our fashion crush on surfer girl style

do we surf?

2 of our 4-some does :). ashlee’s grandparents live in tybee island outside of savannah, georgia, so ash and cam have been spending summers there since they were kids, and they learned to surf pretty young. tybee isn’t known for big waves at all, but we’re little girls so it works! krissie and jenna learned to surf in hawaii one year, but they didn’t stick with it because, well, they just weren’t very good haha. no matter our level of surf skillz, we all love surfer girl style.

the surfer girl fashion…

comfy, casual, & cute. brands like hurley, roxy, billabong, lucy love, o’neill, quicksilver, volcom, rvca, and rip curl.

the style collages…

we’re not 24-7 365 beach bums, so our surfer girl style is def a girly girl version of it. we each put together a cute surfer girl look that captures our personality, so check ’em out, and let us know which one of our style’s y’all vibe with?

Ashlee – Chill Surfer Girl

ash does love to live at the beach all day when she is in tybee, so her surfer girl style is chill, casual, & comfy but still cute with a bright graphic tank, jean shorts, and roxy flip flops.

Krissie – Sweet Surfer Girl

krissie took inspiration from the color of the ocean and sweet plumeria flowers with a sweet aqua dress, a cardigan, roxy flip flops, and plumeria accessories.

Jenna – Sexy Surfer Girl

surfer girl casual doesn’t mean ya have to give up sexy. jenna captures the perfect touch of sexy with a little eyelet tank, cutoffs, and trendy accessories.

Cameron – Bohemian Surfer Girl

cam embraces nature with an easy breezy dress, bohemian accessories, and natural toned makeup.

Where To Shop

if you’re craving some more surfer girl fashion, and ya wanna know where to shop, check out the pretty princess mall surf and skate categories…


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Blonde Carrying Surf Board, Surfer Girl On Flowered Surf Board, Surfer Girl In Ocean

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