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Song Luv – Holding Out For A Hero »

Holding Out For A Hero - Ella Mae Bowen

“I pray the mountains meet the heavens above, out where the lightning splits the sea, I can swear that there’s someone somewhere, watching me…”

we all got to go to krissie’s dance studio with her this week and watch her dance, and she did contemporary to this song for us… and we all cried like weepy lil’ babies haha. but when you love someone, watching them live what they love, and watching their soul light up… there’s nothin’ more beautiful.

what’s the song?

Holding Out For A Hero

who’s the artist?

Ella Mae Bowen

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Song Luv – Crazier »

Crazier - Taylor Swift

“You showed me something that I couldn’t see, You opened my eyes and you made me believe…”

we all brought the Hannah Montana movie back out last weekend(yes ma’ams we know the hip hop hoedown by heart haha), but we were also reminded of the sweet little T. Swift ballad in the slow dance scene, so we’ve been song luv-ing on it all week.

what’s the song?


who’s the artist?

Taylor Swift

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The Soundtrack Of Our Summer »

Summer Songs Mix Tape
what’s the mix?

Our 2013 Summer Soundtrack Mix Tape

the soundtrack of our summer…

our 2013 summer has been filled with fun, friends, and findin’ ourselves. and no matter how we’ve spent our summer days, they’ve all been filled with music from sunrise to sunset. we started crushing on some new songs, and shuffled through our itunes and brought back some old favs. there have been songs we danced to, songs we road tripped to, songs we daydreamed to, songs that inspired us, love songs that made us swoon, songs that gave us comfort and hope, and songs that celebrated summer, sun, and shinin’ our light. so check out our 2013 summer mix tape, and maybe add a lil’ summer song luv to your soundtracks…

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Lyrics Luv – Dayum Baby »

“I love standing here watching you breakin’ it down, baby down, baby down… Cause girl you got me like dayum baby, dayum baby, dayum.”

– Florida Georgia Line / Dayum Baby

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