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Girl Crush

pret·ty prin·cess - (prit-ee prĭn-sěs') - noun - jolie princesse, bella principessa, princesa bonita, la princessa, dejlige prinsesse, pen prinsesse
We adore other girls. We feel like the more you are willing to see the beauty and awesomeness in other girls, the stronger your own self esteem can be. We love their style, their energy, their personalities, we think they're beautiful, talented, inspiring, and we gush about our girl crushes here.
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Our Girl Crush On T. Swift

who’s the girl crush?

Taylor Swift

why we’re crushing…

she’s a country girl, so we def claim her as one of our own ;). we’re all crazy obsessed with her music of course (cam and ash have seen her in concert 3 times). she has this brilliant way of taking what’s in the hearts and heads of millions of girls, and creating poetry and music from it all.

we also just think she’s this super beautiful, smart, funny, creative, independent spirit, and we love all of that wrapped up in one girl.

but what we really adore the most about t. swift, is how genuine and sweet she comes across. even though she’s pretty much one of the most famous people on the planet, she seems like someone who could easily be one of your real life bff’s.

Bite Taylor Swift’s Style‚Ķ

since we love her style, we put together some fashion inspiration from some of taylor’s different looks…


glam up like taylor in a bold red dress, one of her signature headbands, and chic heels.


taylor loves to fierce-up her country girl style with a rockstar vibe. get the look by mixing a sheer lace dress and a dainty necklace, with edgier cowboy boots and tough bracelets.

Love Story

taylor has always loved to put together romantic and vintage inspired looks. get her sweeter style with florals, lace, ruffles, skirts, and soft sweaters.

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