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Boys Who...

boys - (bois) - plural noun - boys, gentlemen, guys, men or young men... garçons, ragazzi, jongens, baieti, meninos, jungen, buachaillí
The way they smile, talk, think, act, treat us... and light our worlds up. This is where we crush on the beautiful things about boys.
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Boys Who… “The Hug”

boys who…

“The Hug”

the quote…

“Your hugs are like the stars that light up my life when things get dark.” – Unknown

his hugs…

the things we want most from a boy, and adore most about a boy, are some of the simplest things. but to us, they are the most important, and real, and most beautiful things he has to give. if it’s the right boy, there’s nothing in the world that feels like the feeling when he hugs you… it’s heaven… it’s home… it’s him.

our favrit’ hugs…

we picked out some of our favorite hugs in the whole world…

You Give Me Butterflies Hug

it can be a lil’ awkward and uncertain and you’re anxious but giddy… it’s so genuine, and innocent, and purely about two people who just want to be near each other.

I Adore You Hug

when he hugs you so sweet, and you just know he thinks you’re the cutest thing in the world and he just wants to see you smile.

I Missed You Soooooo Much Hug

when you haven’t seen him for a while, and you’re so excited to see each other, and you can’t help but jump on him and hug him and squeeze him.

Can’t Get Close Enough To You Hug

when love is everything it’s meant to be, there’s a chemistry that can’t hardly be put into words. it’s magnetic and intense… it’s the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual all wrapped up into one. when you’re so attracted to someone physically but it’s mixed with being totally connected to who they are on the inside. and once you feel that chemistry, you can’t ever feel right in anything less. and when you hug that person it’s like you can’t get close enough no matter how tight you hug. it’s a hug, but it’s on the verge of kissing or grabbing, or almost wanting to be under their skin… like your souls want to part of each other.

You Are So Safe Hug

when you’re scared or unsure, with just one hug, he can make the whole world feel so right, and in his arms you know your heart is so safe.

I Didn’t Let Go All Night Hug

when you fall asleep in his arms, and you wake up and he hasn’t let go or budged one inch. even in his sleep and dreams, he’s still holding you tight.

When He Lets You Hug Him

we love that boys are tough, and strong, and confident, and brave… but there’s that moment that’s so beautiful, when he lets you hug him. when he becomes vulnerable and allows your sweetness and femininity take him in. he just falls into you and you can wrap him up in your heart.

Nothing’s Ever Felt This Perfect… And You’re The Only One For Forever Hug

it’s when he hugs you, and time stops, and no words are spoken, but so much is felt. it’s soft and effortless, but at the same time, your heart is racing and your head is spinning. your heart, his heart, your skin, his skin, your energy, his energy… nothing has ever felt so perfect. and in that hug, you just know that there never was, and never will ever be anyone else but you.

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