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Boys Who...

boys - (bois) - plural noun - boys, gentlemen, guys, men or young men... garçons, ragazzi, jongens, baieti, meninos, jungen, buachaillí
The way they smile, talk, think, act, treat us... and light our worlds up. This is where we crush on the beautiful things about boys.
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Boys Who… “The Kiss”

boys who…

“The Kiss”

how to kiss a girl…

we picked out 10 of our very favorite ways that a boy can kiss.

our favrit’ kisses…

just for fun, we’re sharing each of our favorite kinds of kisses. check out or fav’s, then check out our “Ten Kisses”, and let us know your favorite kind of kiss. 😉

*** Cameron – Hand Kisses ***
cam loves old movies, so it’s no surprise that hand kisses are her fav…
“there is just something about a boy kissing your hand… it just feels so ‘gentlemanly’. like a throwback to chivalry and respect that society has lost somehow with our over-sexed media and over-casual relationships. a hand kiss makes me feel like a ‘lady’ haha. it makes me believe in love that is special, respectful, and meaningful.”

*** Ashlee – Kisses In Beautiful Places ***
ash is our little thrill seeker, so of course her favrit’ kisses have adventure in them. 🙂
“i’m adventurous, so i love when a boy will stop in the middle of somewhere beautiful and kiss me. it makes me feel like i’m in a movie, and like i’ll never forget that moment or that kiss.”

*** Krissie – Forehead Kisses ***
krissie is abnormally awkward and inexperienced when it come to boys, so she gets bashful about kissing haha, but forehead kisses are def her favrit’ …
"i dunno :\ all kissin’ makes me really nervous, but i guess forehead kisses just seem so protective and sweet… like the boy adores you, wants you, respects you, honors you, and cherishes you all in one kiss. if there’s anything i’ll ever want to feel from a boy, it’s to be adored, wanted, respected, honored, and cherished.”

*** Jenna – Hours Of Just Kisses ***
jenna is all about confident boys who respect girls, so this totally makes sense for her…
“i love when a boy can kiss you so passionately…for hours…but not try to take it beyond kissing. kissing is amazing just as it is without being a “lead in” to try to get more. being friends with krissie and being around her innocence has taught me so much about the little things in life…even when it comes to boys. everything is new to her, like hand holding, little touches, a first kiss… she shows me how beautiful the different subtle layers of intimacy are. if only boys knew that all the steps they try to rush through, are the places where you connect to a girl’s heart.”

Hand Kisses

…boys who kiss you on the hand… classy, romantic, gentlemanly.

Cheek Kisses

…boys who kiss you on the cheek… totally adorable and playful.

Forehead Kisses

…boys who kiss you on the forehead… so protective, and so sweet. this kind of kiss makes a girl’s heart feel safe.

Lean Down Kisses

…boys who lean down to kiss you… since they have to be “less tall”, a lean down kiss shows that a boy will come to you, and embrace your femininity.

Beautiful Scenery Kisses

…boys who stop to kiss you in beautiful places… it makes a kiss memorable, unique, and makes you feel like he cherishes special “moments” with you.

Neck And Back Kisses

…boys who kiss you on the shoulders and back of the neck… it’s sexy, mysterious, and if he’s hugging you from behind, it makes you feel totally wrapped up in his “guyness”.

Close Kisses

…boys who pull you so close when they kiss you… it’s intense and passionate and it makes you feel wanted.

Hours Of Just Kisses

…boys who grab you unexpectedly and kiss you passionately… for hours…without wanting more than just to kiss you… a boy can win a girl’s heart with amazing kissing sessions, where he doesn’t pressure her for anything more.

One And Only Kisses

…boys who kiss you like you’re the only kiss they’ve ever had, and ever will want to have… it’s amazing when a boy’s kiss can tell you he’s faithful in body, mind, and spirit.

Forever Kisses

…boys who with one kiss can say… "your heart is so safe, you’re the only girl, and you are my forever."

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