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who we are...
we are a group of best friends and bloggers who love girl stuff and life! we live in California and in Tennessee, so we call ourselves "CaliBelles" - a mix of "Left Coast Envy & Southern Charm". we're obsessed with fashion, shopping, beauty, music, inspiration, and having fun.

...we think every girl is a princess.
it's all the little things in a your energy, the way you talk, the things that make you smile, the dreams you dream, and the passions you hold, that make you a princess.

we believe...
...every girl should fall in love with who they are and who they get to be...and celebrate it...and we believe girls should celebrate each other too.

our blog is about...
fashion we love, music that moves us, beauty from the inside out, feeling alive, being confident, being inspired, being random and silly, adventure, girl stuff shopping, our favorite things, and being a girl and just having fun with it.

just so you know...
...there will be typos and pointless information.

Teen Beauty Blogger

the fashionista, the confident one, the rockstar, the bold spirit, the makeup artist

Teen Fashion Blog

the princess, the giggly one, the sweetheart, the innocent spirit, the dancer

Teen Style Blogger

the tomboy, the fearless one, the dare devil, the adventurous spirit, the athlete

Teen Shopping Blogger

the big sister, the creative one, the inspirer, the compassionate spirit, the writer