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Pretty Princesses

pret·ty prin·cess - (prit-ee prĭn-sěs') - noun - jolie princesse, bella principessa, princesa bonita, la princessa, dejlige prinsesse, pen prinsesse
We believe that every girl should fall in love with who they are and who they get to be... and celebrate it. We also believe girls should celebrate each other too, so this is where we celebrate ourselves, girls we adore, and just being a girl all together.

What’s Your Elf Name?

What's Your Elf Name?
what’s the buzz?

What’s Your Elf Name?


this post is super random, but our sense of humor is really silly, and these are never not funny to us. you follow the little charts and find out your elf names. we put ours down here, so if you’re bored and silly like us… pick out yours and let us know what they are :).

What's Your Elf Name?

Cameron – Bubbles Superplum

Jenna – Puddin Sugar-socks

Krissie – Cookie Pickle-pants

Ashlee – Perky Floppy-feet

What's Your Elf Name?

Cameron – Cindy Lou Itchy Feet

Jenna – Joy Itchy Ears

Krissie – Kalikimaka Angel Pants

Ashlee – Alvin Uppity Fingers


photo credits:

Elf Names 1, Elf Names 2

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