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About PrettyPrincess.US
Teen Shopping Online

Who Are We?
We are a group of best friends who love girlie things, and who love to shop!

What Is PrettyPrincess.US?
Basically, it’s our idea of the perfect online shopping mall. It’s convenient, fun, and visually exciting. We created it to make you feel like you are walking through a real mall and checking out all of the fun stores!

How Does It Work?
We have collected all of our favorite shopping websites and created store fronts for each site with pictures and descriptions of what you can find there. This way, you can go through our website and preview stores to see if it’s the style, or vibe that you’re looking for. And then, you always know you can come back to PrettyPrincess.US and find these same awesome stores.

Why We Started PrettyPrincess.US
Well, we found that one of the things we all have in common is that we love to shop on the internet. Each one of us used to spend hours browsing, and going through text links, and searching for fun places to shop. We kinda just started to feel like the internet didn’t always bring up the things we wanted, or there were tons of random sites and dead links. So, pretty much we didn’t really end up finding what we were looking for. And when we did, we were all bookmarking the places we found because we didn’t know if we’d ever find them again! Eventually we ended up with a serious mess of bookmarks. We got to thinking that it would be so cool to have an easier way to find all of our favorite places. So, we decided to create our own girl stuff mall, and that’s when we started PrettyPrincess.US!

Pretty Princess Girls
If you wanna know more about us girls, we have a blog section you can check out – teen fashion blog. It’s about the fun things we each personally like. We’re interested in so many things like music, travel, and healthy living, so we talk about all that different stuff too. We want all of our Pretty Princess sites to be completely positive places – no gossip – no negativity – no bad news. Just girls celebrating being girls, with cute shopping ideas, fun girlie articles, and hopefully, we talk about some things that inspire other girls to have new experiences, make healthy choices, build up their own confidence, or even lift each other up.

Pretty Princess Media
PrettyPrincess.US is officially owned, produced, and managed by Pretty Princess Media.