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Kitty Halloween Costumes

Kitty Halloween Costumes

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”

Cute Kitty Halloween Costume Inspiration

There’s no doubt that the “kitty costume” has been done and done on Halloween, but it’s always pretty cute no matter ?‍♀️. Also, it's a costume that you can change up a bunch of different ways, so even though it's be done, you can give it your own unique twist to make it new. We also love that it can be inexpensive and fairly effortless. We put together 3 “Cute Kitty Costume Inspirations” ? that are creative, easy to put together, and also allow you to be pretty covered up to stay warm in the chilly October air, and comfortable enough be able to wear all night.

Sexy Black Cat Costume

If you want to go ahead and embrace the classic black cat vibe, you can do a subtle but sexy version by pairing a black bodycon dress, with black tights, and slouchy back boots for the outfit. Then get some black lace ears and black lace gloves, paint your nails a pastel peachy pink, draw on some whiskers with black pencil liner, and give yourself some dramatic cat eyes with false eyelashes and a black wing.

Sexy Black Cat Costume
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Hello Kitty Costume

A fun take on Hello Kitty without being silly or obnoxious with the theme. For the outfit part, pair a long sleeve white form fitting top with a pink cami tank over it, and wear gray leggings with some slouchy black knee high boots. Then get a white or silver kitty ear headband and glue a pink bow to it, sew a white fuzzy tail to your leggings, paint your nails baby pink, draw on some whiskers with black pencil liner, cute up your eyes with false eyelashes, and for an extra touch, wear some cute Hello Kitty stud earrings.

Hello Kitty Costume
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Leopard Kitty Costume

Find a cute top with leopard print accents, and pair it with some black leggings and slouchy black knee high boots. Then get leopard print kitty ears, sew a black fuzzy tail to your leggings, draw on some whiskers with black pencil liner, cute up your eyes with false eyelashes, and paint your nails a bronze or gold tone to tie in the leopard print.

Leopard Kitty Costume
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Halloween Costume Shopping

Want to be something other than a kitty cat for Halloween? Here are some places to get cute Halloween costumes…

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