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girl stuff - (gûrl stŭf) - plural noun - items, belongings, essential substance, or elements, with feminine style and energy, in possession of a youthful female
We love girl stuff. You could call us obsessed, addicted, hopelessly devoted. We love finding cute new girl stuff and obsessing about it here.
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Cute Kitty Halloween Costume Inspiration

Cute Kitty Halloween Costumes
what’s the buzz?

Cute Kitty Halloween Costumes

cute kitty inspiration…

the kitty costume is def nothin’ new, but it’s always cute no matter what. we love it because there are a million ways you can change it up and make it your own. every year on halloween we do something fun like go to a house party or walk around downtown, and we like to have a costume that’s cute without being too skimpy so we keep it classy and stay warm. kitty costumes are a purrrfect way to do that haha ;).

our kitty costume inspiration…

we each picked out a kitty cartoon to get inspiration from and put together how we’d get kitty cute on halloween…

Ashlee – Cheetah

ash loves to wear fun animal prints, so she picked a cute cheetah kitty cartoon, and paired cheetah ears and a cheetah tail with a cheetah print cami over a black bodysuit, black leggings, and slouchy black boots. she’ll draw on whiskers with eyeliner and add cheetah print nail decals.

Krissie – Hello Kitty

krissie luvs hello kitty like ca-razy so her outfit would def be hello kitty inspired with pink and white on top, gray leggings, slouchy boots, a sparkly rhinestone ear headband, a lil’ white tail, and the signature pink bow. she’ll draw on whiskers with eyeliner, make her cheeks super pink, and make little paws with pink nails.

Jenna – Black Cat

jenna went for sleek and sexy with a black bodysuit and leggings, a faux leather corset top and ears, a slinky black tail, and slouchy black boots. she’ll draw on whiskers with eyeliner, give herself smokey cat eyes, and make claws with black nails.

Cameron – Marie From The Aristocats

cam went super feminine with the prissy lil’ feline, marie, from the aristocats. she mixed pink and white on top, with gray leggings, white fuzzy ears and tail, and some cute pink bow accent boots. she’ll draw on whiskers with eyeliner, make her cheeks pink, and make little paws with pink nails.


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girl with kitty makeup

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