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Beauty Find: Everyone Shampoo

Everyone Shampoo Review

“Invest in your hair, it's a crown you never take off.” – unknown

Grocery Store Beauty Find

We're actually new to Everyone products, and these shampoos were just a stumble upon at the grocery store when looking for some tea tree oil shampoo in a hurry. These are sulfate-free and made up of all kinds of essential oils and plant extracts, so we picked up two kinds to give a go. We had a blondie try the “Volume Shampoo”, and a brunette try the “Balance Shampoo”. Just a note that we tried these without any conditioners because we wanted to see how the shampoos work on their own.

Everyone Volume Shampoo Review

Everyone Volume Shampoo

my fav ingredients: coconut fruit extract, lemon peel oil, peppermint oil, organic aloe leaf, organic chamomilla flower extract

the good stuff: First, the lather was really good, so if you're worried about the sulfate-free part not lathering, no worries. Now for the volume part – big yay. The strands of my hair are fairly fine, but I have a lot of 'em, so with a heavy shampoo it can tend to go flat, but with a good volumizing shampoo my hair can be pretty full. The best part of this shampoo was for sure the volume. It gave me that really nice light, airy fullness that's just a natural volume, and it lasted all day. And since I didn't use any conditioner, I was surprised how detangled and fairly soft my hair was just when using the shampoo. So if you're looking for a really good volume shampoo, this shampoo works perfectly.

the scent: Out of the bottle it's a little bit antiseptic-y or cleanerish with a slight peppermint to it, so not exactly a yummy scent. But in the shower it's really not very strong, and after the shower it leaves nearly no scent at all. So if you don't care for having an after-scent, you'll be fine. Since I do like a pretty after-scent, I would just follow this up with a sweet smelling conditioner.

Everyone Balance Shampoo Review

Everyone Balance Shampoo

my fav ingredients: coconut fruit extract, grapefruit peel oil, clary sage oil, tea tree oil, organic aloe leaf, organic calendula flower extract

the good stuff: The lather was really good for this one too. I have thick hair that tends towards dry, but I work out regularly so I like to use a good scalp cleansing shampoo with tea tree oil once or twice a week, so that's why I gave this once a try. I was happier than I expected to be as even without conditioner my hair felt detangled and fairly soft. The best part for me was that this didn't dry out my hair at all. Since my hair tends towards dry, I have to be careful with the scalp cleansing shampoos I use, and I feel like I could use this a few times a week, get a nice healthy clean, and not worry a bit for drying my ends out.

the scent: This has a light citrusy scent that I'd best describe as pleasant. It doesn't leave a strong after shower scent, but what lingers is nice.

We Liked ‘Em!

We'll both for sure keep using the shampoos we tried. We both loved how they worked on our hair, and we love using good, cruelty-free, healthy products with natural ingredients.

Color Safe?

Yes, they are noted as safe for colored hair.

The Price

The iffy part for both of us is the price. These shampoos seem to range between $12-$20 depending on where you pick them up, and it feels a bit too high once you get near $20. That being being said, these shampoos are filled with essential oils, and essential oils aren't cheap, so we figure you're paying for the ingredients these. But we have also found great natural shampoos we love even around $7-$9, so we're not too pulled at the purse strings to pay above $15 for shampoo, but since we paid about $12, we're happy girls ?.

Where To Buy

We got ours down at our lil' corner market, but they sell Everyone at Walmart and Amazon if y'all want to give it a try:

Everyone Shampoo At Amazon »

Everyone Volume Shampoo At Walmart »

Everyone Balance Shampoo At Walmart »

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