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Health & Beauty Crush: Coconut & Almond Oil

Coconut & Almond Oil Benefits

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” – John Muir

Coconut & Almond Oil Health & Beauty Benefits

Organic coconut oil and organic almond oil are two of our favorite “food oils” that we use in our health & beauty routines. There are a ton of great natural and organic brands out there, and both oils can be found for pretty affordable prices, which is great for us, because we tend to use a ton of both haha ?. We put together some of our fav ways for using both oils for looking and feeling naturally healthy and beautiful.

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Coconut Oil Health & Beauty Benefits

Coconut Oil

Oil Pulling – We use coconut pretty much every morning for “oil pulling”. It helps whiten teeth, and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties so it's thought to help fight infection and tooth decay.

Skin Moisturizer – At night after taking a shower and before going to bed, every few days we'll put a light layer on our body skin. First, it smells yummy, but it also has skin loving nutrients like lauric acid and vitamin E, so it helps moisturize and soften skin. Just a note that it's better for people whose skin tends to run dry, and can be a little too much for oily skin. But we feel like it helps give us crazy soft skin, and really helps with stubborn things like dry knees and elbows, and softening the skin on our feet.

Eyebrows & Eyelashes – After washing our faces at bedtime, we use a q-tip to apply a small amount to our eyebrows and eyelashes to help them grow!

Eating It – We will either mix it in smoothies, or just eat a tablespoon of it on it's own. It's said to help fight infection within the body by killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and also to help balance the gut, protect against liver damage, and fight candida. It also has calcium and magnesium to help give us strong bones. We will also cook with it sometimes, but it does give a sweet taste, so it depends on the food. It has a ton of other health benefits when taken internally, such as helping boost immunity and energy, so we take it pretty regularly with the intention of supporting our overall health.

Almond Oil & Beauty Benefits

Almond Oil

Face Skin – Every few days we will rub a light layer into our faces for a few minutes and then wash it off. It's actually known to help dislodge debris accumulated in the skin pores, so it can help prevent blackheads and acne. The high vitamin E content in almond oil also helps fight aging of skin and wrinkles. They do make almond oil scrubs that are great for this kind of use.

Eyebrows & Eyelashes – We will alternate, and even mix this in with coconut oil to apply to our eyebrows and eyelashes to help them grow.

Skin Moisturizer – Almond oil is known to be really good for sensitive skin, and even to help heal skin rashes, so periodically we will put a light layer on clean skin before bed. It's a little bit too heavy to us to use on it's own, so we will dilute with aloe vera gel, which is good for your skin too, so the combo seems to work really well for giving us nourished, calm skin.

Fingernails & Toenails – We will warm up a little bit of almond oil and rub it into our nails and cuticles. Almond oil has zinc, which helps fight brittle nails and white spots, and it also has B vitamins and iron to help with overall nail health. The vitamin E also helps soften the skin and cuticles around the nails.

Bath Soak – We will put some of it in our bath water to help soften skin, and soaking in it even helps with muscle and joint aches and pain.

Healthy Hair – Periodically we will warm a little bit of almond oil up and rub it into our scalp with wet hair, wrap our head in a towel, and leave it on for a few hours, or overnight. The zinc helps prevent hair loss and helps give you a healthier scalp to encourage healthy hair growth! ?

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