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tom·boy - (tom-boi) - noun - an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits, such as in games, sports, or way of dress, are considered more typical of boys than of girls
We're girlie girls, but we also love sports, we're adventurous, we goof off and cause trouble like boys, and we have fun with tomboy fashion and style. Each of us have our own little tomboy side and we love to share some of our tomboy vibe and style here...
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Fantasy Football »

Sexy Football Fashion
what’s the buzz?

NFL Football Fantasy For The Boy

love & sports…

ya just can’t predict who your soulmate’s fav sports teams are gonna be, so ya gotta love ’em opposing team colors and all. cameron’s boy is colorado born and raised so he’s a die hard denver broncos fan. cam is a true blue tennessee titans girl and that ain’t changin’ no way no how, not even for his cute lil’ face, haha. but when it comes to making our boy feel special on his special day, all pride goes out the door, and we’ll do anything to make his heart race.

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School Spirit And College Football Fever »

Cute College Football Fan Gear
what’s the buzz?

Super Cute College Football Fan Gear

why we’re buzzing…

the 2013 college football season kicks off today, and we’ve got friendship football fever cause this is the one sport where all 4 of us girls are fans of the same team haha. goooooo University of Tennessee! we all bleed orange for the UT Volunteers. we love gettin’ a crew together and heading up to Knoxville for a big game. there’s nothin’ else like being at a college football game… the stadium is full of energy, everyone is decked out in the school colors and singing the school fight song, the crowd gets into every play, and the stadium rumbles with every team kick.

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Football Fever And NFL Cuteness »

Cute Raiders Fashion
what’s the buzz?

Super Cute Girls NFL Football Fashion

why we’re buzzing…

are y’all gettin’ ready for some football??? these 4 football lovin’ girls sure are! pre season is revvin’ up, the regular season kicks off on september 5th, and we’re ca-razy hyped up to watch ash and cam’s mighty titans, and krissie and jenna’s raaiiiiiidaaaaas :). if there is anything southern girls love it’s football and fashion – and the 2 together especially, so it’s about that time for our football fan gear post.

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Cute NBA Fashion And Gear »

what’s the buzz?

Super Cute Girls NBA Fan Gear

why we’re buzzing…

the playoffs have kicked off, and our teams are in! okay, so both of our teams are having a rough start – jenna and krissie are Lakers girls and their boys lost game 1, and cam and ash are Grizzlies fans and their boys lost the first 2 – but we still believe in our boys! and we’re also still representing in our cute Lakers gear and Memphis gear.

the basketball fashion…

think team tees, favorite player jerseys, logo shorts, cute accessories like purses, necklaces and bracelets, and fun things like lanyards, cell phone covers, and team drink cups. we put together cute nba gear collages for 6 teams, but don’t worry if your team isn’t there, our fav sports gear store carries every team. are y’all watchin’ the playoffs? who is your team?

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Cute Girls Baseball Outfits »

what’s the buzz?

Super Cute Girls Baseball Fan Gear

why we’re buzzing…

it’s only 1 week away from opening day! the 2013 season starts on March 31, and it’s gonna be a southern brawl! cam and ash’s texas rangers take on the houston astros, so we’ll be watchin’ and we’ll be decked out in baseball swag.

the baseball fashion…

think cute tees, hoodies and sweatshirts all with your team logos. then add team branded flip flops, a team bikini or shorts, a purse that shows your spirit, and even an adorable necklace or bracelet. we put together some baseball outfits in 6 teams, but don’t worry, our faaaaaavrit’ sports gear store carries every team. are y’all baseball fans? who is your team?

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Cute Superbowl Sunday Outfits »

Cute Superbowl Sunday Outfits
what’s the buzz?

Cute And Comfy Superbowl Sunday Outfits

football fangirls…

we’re all super big football fans, so even tho our teams never even make the playoffs haha (krissie & jenna are raiders fans, and cam and ash are tennessee titans fans), we still get crazy hyped for superbowl sunday and rep our own teams.

get cute but stay chill…

so maybe your superbowl sunday is going to be chill, but you still want to fangirl out with gear from your favorite NFL team? if so, we put together some cute team gear outfits that will have you showing your support, but still keep it comfy for your lazy sunday vibe.

do y’all have a team??

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